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March 2018 Update, New M40 Helmet Added! These are among the best and rarest SS helmets offered anywhere. Some are out of the woodwork, some out of old collections. This is a chance to own some of the creme of these collections. We had a good Show of Shows too, with some super offerings featured here now. Also, Click on The New Page Link For A Pile of SS Combat Helmets! (and more of those are coming too, something for everyone, guys)  

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*Note to consignors: if you wish to consign helmets, I will inspect them for verification of authenticity, completeness and ability to place my guarantee. Also, if you consign to this website, you may not simultaneously list your item elsewhere. Thanks.  




Below are some of the very best SS Helmets anywhere in the Collecting Community, consisting of many rare examples of SS Parade, Combat, Transitionals and M34s. All are fine items of SS Steel. Also, See page 2 for more new helmets! Use the Above New Link to Original Helmets Page 2  

The Latest Items, with listings below...

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ws33 Waffen-SS M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet

Here is a very nice condition example of a Q64 M40 factory issue Waffen-SS helmet. The shell is a 64, DN29 lot number, with medium texture Quist Schiefergrau finish. The Q pattern SS shield is, very typical of Quist examples, put on the rough texture finish with inadequate lacquer, which resulte in a moderate degree of flaking of the shield. This is almost a hallmark sign of originality for Quist products, recognized by collectors universally. The untouched liner system is in very good condition, with the initials F.W. inked in the side. I have seen these initials on a number of SS helmets and always wondered if this was an abbreviation for something other than a person's initials. We should assume initials.. The strap is the untouched issue strap with the helmet. Overall a solid example of a QM40 at a reasonable price. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 6.8K USD



ws32 Superb, Larger Size Waffen-SS Oakleaf Camo Helmet Cover

This offering is for a very nice mint example of the second pattern W-SS helmet cover, in eichentarn muster. The stitching is exactly the expected, correct method with imperfections and anomalies associated with old fashioned machine stitched items from the wartime period. The colors are vivid, and the construction of the cover includes use of plain-tree scraps as spring channels on the autumn side (see photos). The pull-tails for installation of the spring anchors still remain untrimmed. The rocker clips are grey steel with correct peening of the rivets. There is no discernable size marking on the rear of this one, but it fits nicely on a size 66 M42 shell for reference. All in all a one-look beauty that can't be upgraded. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity HOLD 8K USD



ws31 SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35 Double Decal Helmet

This is a nice size ET66 M35 produced early to mid-1939, during the expansion of the VT and TV regiments, as Germany was consuming the Sudetenland and had its eyes on Poland. ET and Quist were the producers best able to meet this production demand for the SS-FHA at the time. The shell is finished in the pea-green color that we note nearly always accompanies the ET style runic and party shields (whereas in below examples of factory ET helmets with CA Pocher decals produced around the same time, we generally note the thicker, 'milky' field grey color in use on those shells). We as collectors have noticed this style difference through reference books and through experience in handling originals, but we do not know why it is the case that there is what seems to be a uniformly associated color difference (specification?) associated with these two decal types. This is one of the exciting learning points of collecting these historic helmets. The heat lot number is in the 43xx range. The liner and strap are the untouched originally installed components. Overall condition shows medium wear with no abuse--all in all a stunning example of this type helmet for any collection. (This exact helmet is shown in Ken N's book on Combat Helmets of the Third Reich). The price is very reasonable, considering its size and completeness, and sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 19K USD



ws1 Waffen-SS M42 Single Decal Combat Helmet

This is from my personal collection; an ET (ckl)62 (shell size stamping says 64, but it's definitely a 62) with 99% medium texture finish and a classic ET pattern runic shield. The liner and strap are mint, factory installed, and untouched. Nearly impossible to upgrade. This one won't last long, and sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 8.2K USD



ws2 SS-VT / Waffen-SS Combat M35 Single Decal Helmet

This is a super combat example of a 1940 RFSS-ordered party shield removed M35. The shell is ET64 in the 4000 series of heat lot number. The decal is classic ET and the left side shows the patinated area where the party shield was period removed. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet. The inner skirt is very vividly marked as per the picture (you can't find them better than this), with the Unit /rank / name of the individual who wore it. I have no doubt this would research to a combat VT or TK veteran easily. I will leave the research to the buyer, but I know from experience when they are this well marked, the archival results are very definitive. When pegged to a specific SS soldier, the file lends the helmet a degree of historical importance that makes it an exquisite collectible. Many collectors value historical context over mint condition, and this one is for them. Priced as is without the potential history unmasked, and includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 10.8K USD



ws3 Beautiful ET68 SS-VT / Waffen-SS Double Decal M35 Helmet

This is a huge size 60 beauty! I used to dream of getting one of these ETs with Pochers, in a huge size. They just look nice. My personal one is unissued, and this one matches in batch number (4374), so I could have twins. But I won't for now. The shell is ET68, with the milky feldgrau shade that seems to accompany the ones with Pochers on them, my observation. The finish is lightly worn with a hint of patina showing it is 79 years old. The decals are factory glue and lacquered CA Pochers, the party shield showing flaking in the upper area, possibly from stacking. It also shows heavy lacquer applied, which may have contributed a degree of brittleness later on. The liner and strap are beautiful and untouched. The tip end of the strap is shortened. It is not a Carl Tesch because I see no evidence of the SS-VA stamp that would be on a Tesch. This is a large, beautiful killer helmet, made around the same time in 1939 as the ET with Pochers down below. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 19.3K USD



ws4 Stone Mint 1934 SS-RZM Helmet

For the early SS collectors, this one is an impossible to upgrade iconic piece of SS Steel. I can't believe the condition myself. The finish is the early gunmetal grey, almost anodized look, with no decals. The M28 liner system is pristine, with perfectly intact hollow core liner retaining rivets. The strap is the proper SS-RZM style, still retaining a lot of the whitish leather dye on the rough side of the leather--remarkable. The strap is RZM marked (see pictures). The stampings are absolutely correct dye struck SS and RZM. A jewel and a piece of SS History. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 9.5K USD


ws5 Beautiful Waffen-SS Oakleaf Camo Helmet Cover



ws6 Waffen-SS Combat Former Double Decal Helmet

This helmet is one that deserves special mention because it represents one that has been with the SS since the first part of the war, then refurbished and re-decaled with a fine CA Pocher rune, then back into combat for a lengthy period of time. Every aspect of it shows the wear and age of prolonged combat use. The size 56 M40 style liner and strap are original untouched to the piece. The heavy dark feldgrau is painted atop a rough texture reissue finish. The air vents are caked with paint but are clearly M35. The maker and heat lot number are coated with paint and illegible. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 8K USD



ws7 Top Shelf Minty SS M35 ET64 Double Decal Helmet

This is a classic,one-look original, iconic SS helmet that every M35 collector strives to own an example of. The helmet is an ET64 with a heat lot number that loosely corresponds to mid-1939 manufacture. The dome stamp is 1939 dated and the minty liner is nicely size marked 56. The decals are the CA Pocher manufacture, which is to be expected in roughly half of the 1939 helmets produced by ET, especially later '39. The paint is fine with storage scuffs and light wear. The decals are superb with full glue and lacquer application technique on display. The long end of the chinstrap is missing, allegedly removed at some point by the veteran (this is a vet family purchase). Don't pass this beauty up--you will not have to upgrade this category of helmet. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity HOLD 20K USD



ws8 Historic SS-Totenkopfverband Black Parade 'Droop Bill' Transitional Helmet, Named and with Archive File.

This beautiful condition classic Allgemeine Droop Bill helmet was the property of an SS-TV Obersturmfuhrer named Albert Breh, who was in charge of the Cantine at Dachau. Breh was one of the individuals identified in an SS-Fuhrungshauptamt inspection of the concentration camp system, as having committed fraud during his tenure as leader of one of the camp services. Breh was convicted-- everything is in this large file-- and sentenced to a short period of house arrest, then put back in charge of the cantine as a contractor. He lost certain SS privileges, but evidently was valuable to the system. File searches reveal amazing things... This helmet comes as a consignment from a picker who obtained it years ago from the veteran estate. This is a very advanced piece for the SS Historian / Collector. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity HOLD



ws9 Mint Allgemeine-SS Black Transitional

This helmet originated from the late Robby Wilson collection; Robby having obtained it via Steve W. The helmet is a very early example of a transtional shell outfitted with an M31 liner, installed at the factory or depot. There is no field grey under the paint, only black, making this quite a rare example that was not obtained by the SS via contract means. The paint is 99%, the liner is minty and 1931 dated, with the original untouched strap. The decals are period applied CA Pochers, with some slight flaking to the bottom of the runic shield. The decals are placed in reverse order, which is not understood to this day as to the reason. Many SD organizatons display reverse decals, but this as a transitional piece lacks much archival connection to any organization within the SS. It may have been a preference of the maker at the time. At any rate, this puts it in a rarity category above the average transitiona. Beautiful helmet, a prize for any early collection. The consignor is motivated to sell and will accept payment plans. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity Contact me for Price and other information.


ws10 Stunning SS-VT Transitional Double Decal Helmet in Feldgrau

This Feldgrau German M16 ET64 SS transitional helmet is stone mint and unworn. It is also quite rare to find one of these. The paint and decals are 100% and the liner is storage condition. The liner string was added because it appeared there was one in place originally. For the transitional aficionado, this is one of the finest helmets I have ever had the privilege to offer. Specs include classic, perfect condition CA Pocher runic and party shields. They don't get better than this, especially that gorgeous runic shield. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 24.9K USD



ws11 One of Two Real Examples Known--Vet Son Acquired Erel Fiberhelm, Black Allgemeine SS Parade M35

In the overall scheme of militaria, this helmet is very likely the top prize. In the last 30 or 40 years, I've seen a dozen nicely done fake SS fiberhelms, but only two real ones: this one, and Al Barrows' fat rune Erel which is pictured in all of my books and Ludwig Baer's. This helmet was acquired jointly by me and Brian Maederer from the son of the veteran who brought it back. The son had no history on the piece; he dismissed any stories his father told him and did not even know his father's unit. That said, he showed up with one of the rarest helmets I have seen. This is a typical Erel Fiberhelm, (vulkanfiber) with a satin black finish, CA Pocher SS runic and party shields, and a minty size 59 liner and strap ensemble that are the 'old art' style, found in helmets dating back to the Franco-Prussian era. The paint and decals are minty, as is the size 59 liner. The steel outer band, as is the case with many of these helmets, has receded away from the edge of the fiber body-- a characteristic that has become a hallmark of originality for these specimens. My estimation is that this helmet would display perfectly with a black SS General's uniform of the highest quality. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity Contact Me for price / information. USD



ws12 Austrian M16 Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT Transitional Helmet

This helmet is another textbook early period SS example, featuring satin black finish and CA Pocher decals. The liner is the M17 style with accompanying strap, both of which likely are early 1930s contract refurbishments when the helmet was outfitted for use by the SS. The liner bears a still very legible rare marking (SS-Nachrichtensturmbann-Essen). Overall very nice condition with some age / wear dings to the shields. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 23K USD




ws13 Exceptional M34 Allgemeine-SS Parade Helmet, With Fat Rune SS Shield

I first owned this helmet in 1998 as a purchase from Wolfe-Hardin. It made its way through two advanced collections after I owned it for 5 years, finally ending up in a Museum in Europe. This is one of very few Fat Rune helmet examples available in the world--I have owned 3 M35s and this, and I know of one fiberhelm with fat runes (contributed to the helmets published in SS-Steel, courtesy A. Barrows) and I know of one more fat rune M35 that is unpublished. In the photographic record, and as discovered in the markings of one of the examples, the fat rune appears to have been used widely by the LAH in 1934-35. (See my Feature Helmets Section for more information on Fat Rune helmets). This specimen is in reversed configuration on a 1934 dated aluminum Civic square scallop helmet, likely for parade use in the Allgemeine-SS or SS-VT (LAH?) It is unmarked, so there is no ability to narrow this down to unit, but in the early period of the SS, many different styles of helmet were used until they were standardized in the later 1930s. A fine example, with light wear and perfect decals (especially a Fat Rune!). Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 19.3K USD

From an exceptional, advanced early helmet collection--you will not find quality like this in most collections:

ws14 Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT Double Decal RZM Helmet

Rarest of the rare, sold before I could get it listed! Gone...



ws15 Beautiful Early Allgemeine-SS Transitional Helmet

This outstanding helmet features an Austrian M16 shell with M28 liner and large buckle leather chinstrap. The paint is satin black over Austrian brown and the insignia are hand-rendered. The premier black helmet collector has had four of these exact hand rendered helmet examples, and they are all done up the same way in the refurbishment process. From Ludwig Baer, we know that hand-painted insignia were mandated by the RFSS in 1934, and in early 1935 ere quickly replaced by the advent of the CA Pocher RFSS approved transfer design. This picture of Jakob Grimminger bearing the blood flag shows one of these insignia clearly. A super rare and early SS piece, very desirable and goes with the early Allgemeine and Bereitsschaft displays. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 19.2K USD



ws16 Exceptional Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT Black Transitional Helmet

Offered for sale from an advanced SS collection is a once in a lifetime condition and rarity, SS VT / Allgemeine SS transitional. The shell is an Austrian M16 that is one of the many thousands scooped up by the SS in their bulk purchases from Austrian and Czech suppliers. They were not a client of the Wehrmacht supply system in the early '30s, and therefore had to go outside of the system; the country in fact, to procure their equipment. This piece is finished in a thin spray coat of satin black, right atop the field grey issue color. The liner system is the M28 three pad type, with wide roller buckle chinstrap assembly. Finally, a classic pair of CA Pocher runic and party shields top off the refurbish. This exact paint and liner system is found in another example which is pictured in "SS-Steel". Moreover, a few of these exact configurations exist in other advanced collections. I have not seen one this nice for sale anywhere in years. Priced commensurate with its rarity, condition and overall aesthetic and includes my lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 22K USD.


ws17 Allgemeine-SS M16 Transitional Helmet

This example came out of the woodwork in the northeast and once belonged to my late friend Jules L. The configuration is the typical German refurbishment (satin black over field grey) and also features an early Czech style strap. The party shield is classic CA Pocher, as are the runes, but the runes went on sloppily (these were applied at the unit level and often the paint was not cured or other factors influenced the application process). A nice size, excellent display piece. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 20K USD.



ws18 M34 Medium Duty Sicherheitsdienst Double Decal Helmet

This SD helmet is a nice example, showing a crisp edelstahl stamp, solid condition paint, decals and liner / strap. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 6.8K USD



ws19 Combat Waffen-SS M35 Helmet--Revised Listing--size 66, not 64

Here is a very nice combat example of a Q66 M35 with multiple layers of paint, heavy wear, and a sharp CA Pocher runic shield. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet, and under the last coat of paint, a name is visible (not legible) in the skirt. This overall is a cool looking piece with great combat display potential. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 6.5K USD



ws20 Q66 M35 Refurbished / Reissued SS-VT Combat Helmet

This helmet is an early combat worn and nice looking piece of SS-VT history. The Shell is Q66, lot 664; and shows the factory finish and issue decals; the black allgemeine finish and set of decals; and the reissue finish (early, smooth field grey) with outer layer of CA Pocher decals. In the runic shield flaked areas, you can see the slightly offset runes decal underneath-- just cool. Party shield is a pocher, with nice age crazing and mostly intact. The shell shows some repairs the front and overall and wear; the liner is a get this--double ply reinforced aluminum...with a 1941 date--what a rare date to find on essentially 1938-39 style liner modification. But it has been in forever and the pins show the fuzzy patina that only age produces; and they are untouched. There are corrosion spots on the top, otherwise this helmet is a semi-salty early beauty. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 12.3K USD




ws21 Waffen-SS EF M42 Combat Helmet

Better pictures added-- The helmet is an EF64 M42 with the expected EF pattern runic shield. Condition overall is very good-plus, with no flaws. Strap is not present. A decent combat helmet opportunity, perfect to top off a 1943-44 combat display. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 5800 USD




ws22 Named SS Camo Combat Helmet, Possible KIA

You don't often see SS camo helmets for sale and this is a chance to get a nice one. The helmet is an ET66 M40 with a low 118 steel heat lot number. The helmet has multiple finishes, with a still richly shimmering CA Pocher rune on top of the earlier factory ET pattern decal, a shadow of which shows along the right and lower right edge. The liner and 1940 dated strap are untouched original to the helmet. Here is something to note when holding this in hand: The liner shows signs of what appears to be extensive blood staining, with a drainage out through the left vent hole. Whatever drained also reacted with the camo paint on the left side, which is also a visible sign of this likely being the results of a fatal wound to the soldier. It is a killer in hand, highly collectible, with a research-albe name. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity Price 9900 USD



ws23 Very Rare M-40 Outfitted Waffen-SS Double Decal M35 Helmet


Here is a nearly stone mint example of a rare type of Q62 SS M35. It is in chalky mint condition with factory applied Quist pattern runic and party shields. The shell, interestingly, is an M35, but it is thoroughly factory produced as an M40 helmet. That signifies this is one of the last M35 shells to go through the production system, a leftover in a sense. Given the 1940 liner date, this was one of the many early M40s that were produced with two decals--I have an example in my collection that is an M40 shell, but it is rare to see one of these that is an M35 shell but thrown into the M40 production process. The liner is mint and untouched. The pigskin chinstrap (yes, they had these even in the late '30s, is fragile and has become separated. The veteran who brought this back has passed and his obituary is available to the buyer. A helmet this nice won't last long, and it's destined for a top shelf position in an SS helmet collection. Price includes my lifetime guarantee of authenticity 16.8K USD.




ws24 Waffen-SS M35 With Replaced Liner

This helmet is a consignment from a fellow collector interested in selling it at a value commensurate with its condition and caveats. The helmet is a Quist M35 with a late 1938-early 1939 steel lot range, and shows heavy use. The factory paint is covered in a heavily worn field grey paint that obscured the party shield, but left the Quist runic shield visible. The liner and strap are original, but are dated 1937 (single ply early liner band), and on further note, the liner retaining pins appear refinished and purposefully rusted on the inside (you want to see patina and oxidation, not rust, on a helmet that is worn but not rusted). Given these factors, a 8 to 9 thousand dollar M35 becomes something less in value. Still a real helmet, with a real liner.. and questionable but functional looking pins. Therefore, the price is lowered accordingly. My guarantee will be caveated in accordance with these specific conditions of the helmet. Price 7.7K USD


ws25 Rare EF64 SS VT / Waffen-SS M35 Helmet

This helmet, also featured in Ken N's book and my books, was once in the collection of Bernie Brule, from whom I obtained it about 12 years ago. I owned it several years, then it went on to a couple other noted collections. This is a beautiful example of a period re-badged SS helmet, and EF M35 examples are among the rarest. The color is that nice EF slate grey feldgrau of the 1939 period, with the typical blueish green liner retaining rivets. This color combo also appears in the Quist 1939 production color scheme. As is true to form with EF, whose M35 production came on line hastily compared to the other makers, the liner components are 1940 style, single ply steel band, etc. Overall a beautiful example worthy of any advanced or production-line collection. Once you get one this nice, you've basically checked the block on a top shelf M35 DD example overall. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD USD


ws26 Waffen-SS Former Allgemeine-SS Combat Helmet

This is a very unusual and cool helmet that started out as an SS-VT /Allgemeine-SS issue M-35, and ended up used in combat. It consists of an ET62 late 1938 / early 1939 vintage issue M35 with the addition of the black paint on the exterior and in the skirt for parade use; then decorated with Pocher decals atop the black finish. (Assuming ET or possibly factory Pocher decals on the factory finsh). Then, the helmet was repurposed for field use as did happen with these during the late VT - early Waffen period; consisting of an outer finish of feldgrau and a final set of pocher runic and party shields. This one shows the hasty field removal of the party shield, but runes being left intact. The liner and strap are untouched. The strap is a Carl Tesch and is presumably VA-SS marked, but that has faded over time. Very solid Waffen-SS combat helmet. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Excellently priced at 8.2K USD



ws27 Named M34 Sicherheitsdienst Double Decal Helmet

This is a salty condition M34 made by 'Thale Stahl' this time instead of the typical 'Edelstahl'. The helmet is complete with field grey finish, 1938 vintage CA Pocher SS and Party Shields, and a more WWI-reminiscent liner consisting of the three-pad style, with intermixed ersatz materials. The inner skirt bears the name "Thomas Hofmann." Overall nice representation of this iconic helmet. The sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 5.3K USD.


ws28 Very Nice SS-VT Marked SS-RZM Helmet

This issue SS-RZM helmet comes in the factory anodized looking finish that resembles gunmetal grey. The helmet bears the metal stretch marks and rivet placement very specifc to this design. Moreover, the SS and RZM stamps are perfect examples that bear the peculiar 'fingerprint' of the dyes used to make the stamps. The liner is also one of two types used in these helmets and is fully intact including the super rare strap. These are often destroyed or missing. Inside the leather liner band is the inscription "7/SS G.", denoting 7th company, SS-"Germania". A classic, super original and unit marked piece, the sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity 11K USD.



ws29 Rare Reverse-decal Waffen-SS M40 Helmet.

Many SS Helmet Collectors often do not have the opportunity to own one of these rare specimens. Characteristic of these helmets, many were originally Polizei-issue helmets (the police shield is underneath the CA Pocher runic shield) This helmet possesses the smooth dark green feldgrau finish of the M40 police issue. Usually, foreign volunteer forces began as Police, coming fully under the SS by RFSS decree in 1942-43. The M-35 and M40 types were seen more among the Einsatzgruppen or mobile killing squads operating in Poland early in the war; or issued within the SS-Polizei-Division. The foreign volunteers of the Baltics and the Ukraine came later, and were issued M42 DD police helmets, and when standardized from Schutzmannschaften to SS, given a runic shield to cover the police shield. These and the M40 police helmets comprise the largest number of reverse decal SS helmet types, for the above stated reasons. This one is un-named as far as I can tell and while the liner date is present, it has that gentle oxydized fuzz that can obscure the date and I'm not going to bend it and clean it to see the year-- suffice it to say with a 1680 steel lot number it is about a late 1940 or earlier 1941 helmet. That puts it right in the early stages of the war in the East, right at the time of the Einsatzgruppen activities. The amount of use and wear this helmet displays is also an indicator of heavy field duty, possibly anti-partisan in nature. All components are untouched and fully original to the helmet. Full of history, these helmets are as "mainstream SS" as any other type, given the size of that force that was dedicated to the deadly mission of those units. To me, these are among the most historic of the SS wartime helmets, because they are hard evidence of the most notorious period of nazi eastward expansion; the ghettos, the einsatzgruppen, the holocaust. Price is 11.8K USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





ws30 Minty M34 Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Helmet

Here is a fine, collectible example, classic configuration, of the iconic SD helmet. Paint, decals and liner are in excellent and complete condition, with no issues. This is a larger size and makes a super display piece. Fellows, look at the photo record--these were worn at camps, in Einsatzgruppen, in combat, as well as by the SD. PS: It's Named and can be researched. Very reasonably priced example 7.9K USD.






ws31 M34 Sicherheitsdienst SD Helmet

Collectors of SS helmets should have an example of this historic SS helmet model in their collections. These were made specifically as a competitive bid to the Model 1935 and were initially intended for combat use by the Heer, Luftwaffe and SS (Read Ludwig Baer for reference to this fact). When the bid was lost to the M35 design, these helmets had already been produced in great numbers. Many were procured by the SS-VT because of their decent quality (remember, the SS was not a branch of the Wehrmacht until later, and had reduced access to supplies, recruitment and training in the early period). Later, as the SS procured the more desired M35s, they put these M34s toward the growing SiPo and SD organizations, who used them throughout the remainder of the Third Reich period. This one is a classic example, with CA Pocher decals. The condition is as pictured, and untouched except for a minor splice repair to the long end of the chinstrap. All in all a decent example of this iconic model. Price, including my COA, is 5.5K USD.  




ws32 Waffen-SS M40 Combat Helmet.

This helmet was originally sourced by a local collector whose work enables him direct access to many veteran families, and this was a direct vet acquisition. The collector who purchased it is offering it for sale. No surprises, a straight ET64 with all components untouched. The ET runic shield has a substantial scuff, hence the price, which comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. HOLD 5K USD



ws33 Unusual and Interesting Italian-SS Combat Helmet.

Here is one of the few original Italian SS helmets that may actually exist. The seller reports that a number of years back, when he first showed it to me, he had gotten it from the in-laws of his cousin. The father, named Davis, had served with Patton's 3rd Army which fought prominently throughout Italy. The veteran is long since passed and the family are not aware of other details. Along with this helmet came an unrelated small grouping of items that the vet had acquired during his tour of duty. This helmet is an SE66 M35 with a three digit batch number. The liner bears a 1938 date. The finish and original double decals (what remains of them) had been overpainted in a grey scheme that is sprayed, leaving overspray on the liner. These characteristics are dead-on original period and the paint color is the expected Italian color. The insignia consist of hand-applied SS runes, spaced closely but rendered in wide style; and on the foreign configuration side (left). On the right is a standing eagle holding a swastika. The liner is marked with a three- digit code of some sort, and there is a stamp in the leather: Aufkl. Gr. 12 (a recon unit). All in all an historic and intriguing helmet for the Foreign Volunteer collector. Price is 3200 USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




ws34 Interesting Waffen-SS "GI Art" Helmet.

This helmet is a vet purchase by the consignor. I have examined it in great detail and observe it to be a Q66 Waffen-SS single decal M40, that has been repainted in a paint color very closely resembling battleship grey, and decorated with hand-rendered Wehrmacht insignia as pictured. The insignia all show age crazing as does the paint. I believe it is an example of a GI art piece that was used during unit functions around the end of the war or early occupation period. I also note the lack of any names or inscriptions that might suggest American or Allied usage; leaving some question as to the function of this helmet. The price for this intriguing piece is USD SOLD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.






































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