This is my gallery of some of the more interesting items sold during the recent past.





WS61 Waffen-SS / Einsatzkommando - SD M35 Reverse Decal Combat Helmet

This helmet is a superb example of a rare piece of Holocaust history. The configuation is the same as item WS29, except this is an M35 ET64 and this has a reissue or semi-camo layer of field paint, and a set of CA Pochers placed atop the outermost finish. The liner bears a name which is researchable (part of the deal might include professional research, to be negotiated with the buyer). The overall condition is used but very good condition, including complete, untouched and tight liner, strap and pins. This helmet has a very nice look in hand, and makes a handsome display piece for any SS collection. Great piece of history, reasonably valued. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD12K USD


WS41 Waffen-SS M40 Foreign Volunteer Combat Helmet

This helmet is a desirable, combat worn example of a helmet worn by Waffen-SS Foreign Volunteer units. The shell is an EF62 Heer, worn by a Gefreiter for a period, then re-purposed with a Pocher pattern SS runic shield field applied atop the Heer shield and the old name scratched out. The dome bears what may be the initials of the new foreign owner. Liner and strap are untouched, string is not present. As Himmler and Berger were ramping up the staffing of the various foreign units, every piece of available materiel was scraped together for issue or reissue to these volunteer forces. This one came indirect vet over 20 years ago and has been in two collections, as well as many publications. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD USD

ws57 Mint Pristine Waffen-SS Dachau Bringback Helmet

Here is a stunning, stone mint Q68 M40, produced very late with no decal, sent home in a box with other relics by a member of an anti-tank battalion from NY City. This helmet shows some very late characteristics, such as an un-dyed chinstrap (I picked up one of these same straps years ago on a late helmet). The helmet itself is unissued, with 100% medium texture schiefergrau finish and a mint, untouched liner system. The helmet is simply, remarkably mint. As we know, Quist produced mainly M40 helmets, this one being a very late example and thus bearing no runic shield. I have not had any luck reading the date on the liner band due to the tightness of the fittings (and I will not bend it which cause harm to the integrity of the liner band, etc). Suffice it to say it is original and correct--a real joy to see something this nice in its bringback configuration. The helmet was shipped home in a wooden box (pictured) along with a map case which goes with this helmet sale, and some other items that went in other directions previously (I just sold the only remaining Fez). The map case still bears the old bringback tag, naming Dachau as the source. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 3600 USD


WS45   Excellent, Named Waffen-SS CKL66 M42 Single Decal

I've upgraded the quality of the photos on this one so you can see what a truly nice M42 SS helmet this is. The paint is very strong and would rate 95%. The decal is equally strong at least 95%. Guys, this is that mud color we have all come to know from ET helmets, starting with the M40s. It is by heat lot number probably a mid 1943 production helmet, just in time for Kursk. The size is 66 and it is named to an SS Grenadier Seiler. The liner and strap are untouched original and show moderate wear. These are not growing on trees and a helmet this nice would grace any SS helmet collection. I want to note, the name and rank are in white paint, done with a small brush. If you look at the outside of the shell, there is a sprinkling of some specks of white paint. I wonder what the soldiers were camouflaging at the time Seiler took a brush and put his name in his helmet! Also, note the tilt of the ET pattern runes... most of these I have seen have a slight tilt like this, as if it was on purpose. Great, original helmet, desirable size and condition, pictures tell the story. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 7K USD!



ws48   Waffen-SS 2nd Pattern Helmet Cover Plane Tree

Here is an excellent example of a second style Waffen-SS helmet cover in plane tree muster. The cover shows all the desired characteristics in an original, and has light wear. Larger size, for size 66 shell. A great, vivid camo cover in a desriable pattern. Seller is a prestigious collector who has only sourced the best collectibles over the years. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 7.7K USD



Mh59 Excellent Polizei M40 Double Decal Helmet

This is a nice example of an SE64 M40 double decal polizei, with bordered police and party shields. Textbook smoother texture finish, nicely glue and lacquer factory applied decals. The liner and strap are original to the helmet and in excellent condition. A great example, hard to upgrade. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 2800 USD





Mh48 Stunning Luftwaffe Wire Camo Combat Helmet

This helmet is an incredible example of a later war (Normandy era) camouflage combat helmet. It consists of a Luftwaffe M40, size 64 shell (probably ET but illegible due to the paint), with size 57 marked m-40 specification liner and strap. The helmet bears the normal factory Luft blue-grey and single adler decal which are factory issue; then oversprayed in ordinance tan, grass green and brick red--fairly typical normandy assault scheme. The helmet is topped off with a chicken wire basket affixed by three twists as hooks that underlap the helmet rim. The pictures show the detail of the paint layers, wire with overpaint, sprayed tan skirt and wire interaction areas. These are unequivocal indicators of the original and untouched nature of this helemt. The liner condition shows medium use, and is named. There is also a name painted in the skirt of the helmet. You don't often see camos this brilliant in color and high condition overall, and this one has all the attractions. Sale includes my COA. SOLD




Mh47 Sharp M35 Combat Police Double Decal Helmet

This helmet is an ET62, with a heat lot number in the 4000 series, indicating late 1938 through 1939 production. The finish is the typical ET pea green feldgrau of the day. The decals feature the unbordered Polizei shield and ET pattern party colors. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet, and show medium to strong wear. Overall a nice example that has seen some field operational use. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 1900 USD



Mh58 Nice ET64 M35 Heer Double Decal Helmet

Here is a very nice Heer M35 with excellent decals and untouched liner / strap. The outer finish is the factory feldgrau, with some patina overall. Blondish liner size marked 56. Liner has a repaired tongue. Well named, to a Heer Oblt. Consigned from a collection, Sale includes my COA. SOLD 3950 USD



Mh44 Superb Luftwaffe M35 Helmet, Early Eagle

This is a superb example of a Luftwaffe ET 64 lot 4284, double decal M35 helmet. The Luft adler is the early 'snake leg' variety. The liner and correct brown strap are unaltered original to the piece, and the ink stamp bears the rank and name "Oberst Hoppe." On the rear of the outside skirt is carved a stylized set of wings, with the name "Eugen" above them. A friend of mine researched this symbology and Germnanic spelling of "Eugene," and located a Luftwaffe medical Oberst named Eugen Hoppe. This is not conclusive research, but it does provide a logical indication of who may have worn this helmet. A medical officer would have a minty helmet, not a heavily worn one, and he might have the spare hour or so that it would take to inscribe his name and a winged (partial medical symbol?) into the finish of his helmet. It is a cool element of helmet history in my view. If a GI had wanted to decorate his souvenir helmet, he would have likely written his name on the liner, so my estimation is this unobtrusive symbol and name were put there carefully by the original owner, in a moment of free time. All the 'what ifs' aside, in hand this is a killer, minty example of this earlier style iconic Luft helmet. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 4200 USD




Mh43 Excellent ID'd Heer M35 Helmet

This helmet is an NS64 M-35 re-painted and re-double decaled example that bears the correct untouched liner and strap, and is named in the skirt "Major E. Diederichs." It features an NS64 M35 shell and liner system that is all tight and untouched. It has the addition of a nice dark green schiefergrau refinish to the outside which is decorated with a set of Huber Jordan Koerner Heer eagle and national colors.You can clearly see the chips and scrape marks in relief under the over paint showing previous good use and hence the the need for the repaint for Parade purposes or for one of his promotions prior to March 1940. Behind the Major E. Diederichs name, you can faintly see "Oblt", which is crossed out. The helmet has that look of having been "put away" in a locker as can be the case with Officer Helmets as many would mainly wear their peaked caps for day to day use. He was commander of a smoke troops / Nebelwerfer unit and was put into combat on the Russian Front. Accompanying this helmet is the complete personnel file for Diederichs, with over 100 interesting pieces of documentation. (You can notice how much he visably aged in his photographs during his service). All in all, an historic and researched handsome looking Heer Major's helmet! Sale includes my COA. SOLD 4850 USD




mh42 Very Interesting WWI Camo, Struck Helmet

Another decent WWI camo offered for sale, featuring strong earth tone ocher and green vertical pattern, separated by the finger-width black dividing lines. The top left front of the helmet took an oblique bullet or shrapnel hit, which may have spelled the demise of the soldier if he was wearing the helmet. Excellent condition outside, liner band and scant remnants inside. Great looking, historic helmet. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 950 USD




Mh39 Phenomenal "Atlantic Wall" DD M35 Camo Helmet

This helmet is an ET64 with a tan and grey-green camo scheme that has been famously called the "Atlantic Wall" helmet. The liner and strap are tight, untouched original and the skirt of the helmet inside has the name "Muller, Bruno." The outside bears a layer of brush applied ordinance tan, accompanied by a two inch wide sworl of medium grey-green, creating a concrete or bunker look--hard to explain, but Atlantic Wall seems to fit here. The pocher Heer Adler is beautiful. There is a distinct outline of a national shield on the right side under the camo paint, but it is hard to capture in photos. The whole piece makes me want to start collecting these. The Bruno Muller name could be researched. Another outstanding example for an advanced camo collection. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 4600 USD


mh37 Sharp Luft M40 Camo Helmet

This is a textbook Normandy pattern Luftwaffe Camouflage M40 Helmet. The grass green and orangish ochre color are hallmarks of the Luft scheme. The helmet is a Q64, with original liner and strap, which appear to have some leather treatment applied back in the past. The Luft eagle is partly painted over shows wear to the exposed portion. Total percentage present is about 30-40. This helmet displays very well and would look great with a Luft ground combat display. Sale includes my COA. HOLD 1850 USD




mh35 M40 Q64 Luftwaffe Helmet

Here is a nice M40 Luft with light wear and unaltered components. The paint and decal are in very good contidion. There are two inscriptions: a name and what appears to be a FPnr, in the liner. A decent, collectible luft helmet! Sale includes my COA. SOLD 1K USD


mh21 Outstanding M40 Heer Whitewash Combat Helmet




mh22 Excellent Luft M42 Helmet

Here is an excellent plus example of a Luft M42, with a double application of the Luft adler. The shell has a nice medium texture blue-grey finish and the liner is minty, as is the strap. The shell is ET64. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 1250 USD



mh10 Japanese Infantry Netted Combat Helmet, Okinawa Bringback With Tag

I updated this listing with some better pictures and a picture of the reverse of the toe tag, which states that the helmet was cleared by Army Intelligence to bring back as a souvenir. (Superb Battle of Okinawa provenance.) This salty but complete Japanese infantry helmet literally tells the tale of the rough, brutal conditions surrounding the battle of Okinawa in 1945. The helmet bears the name of the Japanese soldier in Hiragana, sewn into the leather liner (Kobashigawa?) and also has stains of blood on the chinstrap webbing. The toe tag was filled out by the GI, whose APO 180 pinpoints him to Okinawa. (The helmet shows a lot of patina, but I was stationed on Okinawa and I can attest that the sea salt air is harsh to the point that most things corrode in a matter of days. The fact that the net is nicely intact tells me the solder wore this helmet in this condition, during those 4 months in and out of caves and bunkers--also, his blood did not fade out from where it spilled on the straps, the stains though old, are still dark and somewhat vivid). A great example of an historic combat helmet. Sale includes my COA SOLD 1500 USD;



Mh56 Excellent Polizei M42 Double Decal Helmet

Excellent to minty M42 Polizei in a size 64, with untouched liner and RF Nr chinstrap. The decals are 100% as is the paint. Perfect example, hard to upgrade. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 2100 USD



Mh55 Minty M35 NS Heer Helmet

Near perfect example, fine matching condition throughout. Sale includes my COA. SOLD USD  

WS54   SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35 Battle Helmet

This helmet is a used but handsome M35 that has multiple names inside, indicating multiple issue. The names are legible and research-able. The shell is an ET64 M35 with heat lot number 4481, more or less commensurate with later 1939 production. The shields are classic ET pattern runic and party, although Pochers would also appear in this stage of M35 production from ET. The paint is overall 85- 90% and the shields are 90%+. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet and are in very good condition. A very excellent and affordable piece of SS-Steel! Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 15.2k USD


Ua93, 27" Outstanding Reichsbahn Eagle. This reichsbahn example is in original condition, never cleaned. It is superbly cast and artistic in appeal. The GI severed the studs in the back to remove the eagle, and as a souvenir effect, he glued a Saarbrucken Railway Police patch onto the back. The eagle retains the original train soot in the lower areas of the design. Outstanding collectible. Price includes COA SOLD 2800 USD.


Ua83, Nice Original SS-Panzer EM Portrait in the Original Frame. This piece is a nice rendering of an SS-Panzer trooper, which has been dry-mounted and framed in the period. The matting and picture have been removed, but the mounting tape matches on both. A must have for a nice panzer display. Price includes COA 450 USD.



UA74 SS Officer's belt and buckle Here we have an SS Officer's belt that shows moderate use. The belt is unmarked, shows wear and is missing the keepers. It has loops for a cross strap for an early display. The Buckle is a mid-war 'feinzinc' with silver wash in very good condition. Overall a nice belt for an SS Officer's display. Price reflects the condition SOLD 1750 USD.



UA85 Waffen-SS Fez, Mint, Vet Purchase Here is another superb Fez example, picked up from Dachau by 87th Inf Div Jeep Driver, Daniel Marien of the Bronx. He is pictured driving the jeep he named after his sister Barbara. The fez is mint, shows the typical treatment of the insignia application, the sweatband and is tagged 56 underneath. The tassel is nicely factory tacked down, keeping up the nice appearance of this piece. Price includes COA SOLD 1250 USD.



UA80 Heer Medic's Portrait and Photo Grouping This interesting grouping is recenly out of an antique shop, brought in by a previous owner years ago. The completeness of the grouping is remarkable, suggesting the items may have been brought into the antique shop by the actual German. The reason I say that is that the completeness of the items, including the original photo processing packet , are included. That seems more personal than a GI looting the entire lot of pictures and their envelope...but that is lost to history. What we do know is the soldier's name and hometown, which adds to the history of the grouping. Evidently his close friend or brother was a Fallschirmjaeger, given the nice early photo of a trooper in his step-in smock and full rig. The large framed portrait is a nice representation of a young soldat in his period best, capping off the grouping in terms of display. All items priced reasonably comsidering the scope and quantity of the photos. Price includes COA HOLD for MS 725 USD.




Elegant UA75 Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT / Allgemeine-SS Fuhrer's Visor Cap. Topping off today's listing is a superb black officer's visor cap, kleiderkasse. The size is at least 57, with a nice high peak and un-messed-with insignia. The cap is one of the classic black fine cotton lined, plane celluloid shield (with a chunk missing), leatherette sweatband and RZM SS marked vulkanfiber visor. The cap also has the appropriate label under the sweatband. A beautiful cap that displays well with the Mantel below. Price includes COA SOLD 15K USD.


Ua81, Outstanding Reichsbahn (Railway) Eagle Very nice eagle, completely original and professionally mounted. Well-marked and in fine condition. Nice size for a dominant display piece. Price includes display and professionally made walnut mount backboard. COA SOLD 2950 USD.



Ua79, Hand-Autographed AH Photo. Here is a very nicely signed, superb condition photograph of the Fuhrer, reviewing a parade in Hamburg, a couple of months before his 50th birthday. The photograph is marked as a press photo by Josef Schorer (see description doc). The autograph has been independetly authenticated by two premier AH experts. This is un-framed and ready for a centerpiece Fuhrer display! Price includes COA SOLD 2150 USD.




UA54 Gorgeous SS Contract 3rd SS Panzer Division "Totenkopf" Infantry Untersharfuhrer's tunic. This example is an untouched, slightly salty tunic with all the desired SS design features. The measurements are based on the SS Template, for example the nape to skirt portion is '43 / 68,' which is correct. Secondly, the bandage pouch button hole is horizontal. Third, the lining area shows the two angle cut of the SS, not the 3 angle cut of the Heer style. The insignia are period untouched: the zig-zag applied sleeve eagle is original issue to the tunic, as are the tabs and boards. The tresse is slightly sewn over the bottom edge of the collar tabs, in that one-look desirable manner. The 'pumpkin head' skull tab has a light run of mothing across the top edge. The white piped "Uscha" boards have slight oxidation and field wear to the tresse, and the nap is worn across the entire piece. There is no damage, but present are a few tiny holes in the rear sleeve areas. Only a hint of nap in the cuffband area suggests there was a title, and upon further scrutiny, I can see a partial machine stitch line on the rear of the sleeve, along the edge of the corresponding area of remaining nap, which definitively indicates a cuffband was once on the tunic. The additional wear from an overcoat or smock has produced later wear across the areas of the cuffband, thus it was likely worn without a cuffband until the surrender. Overall, this piece is a one-look, absolute SS-TK combat piece, that has "been there." My COA will accompany purchase. Price SOLD 8.5k USD.



WS55   Excellent Waffen-SS EF64 M42 Helmet

Here is a sharp Waffen-SS M42 by EF, the maker of one of my favorite runic decal designs. Heat Lot 2240. The ;pictures speak for themselves; overall great condition, complete shield, untouched liner and strap. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 7.4k USD


ws33 Waffen-SS M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet

Here is a very nice condition example of a Q64 M40 factory issue Waffen-SS helmet. The shell is a 64, DN29 lot number, with medium texture Quist Schiefergrau finish. The Q pattern SS shield is, very typical of Quist examples, put on the rough texture finish with inadequate lacquer, which resulte in a moderate degree of flaking of the shield. This is almost a hallmark sign of originality for Quist products, recognized by collectors universally. The untouched liner system is in very good condition, with the initials F.W. inked in the side. I have seen these initials on a number of SS helmets and always wondered if this was an abbreviation for something other than a person's initials. We should assume initials.. The strap is the untouched issue strap with the helmet. Overall a solid example of a QM40 at a reasonable price. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 6.2K USD


ws38   Waffen-SS M35 Double Decal Helmet

This helmet comes from a very reputable and well known European collectior source and is in a word untouched. It's an ET 62 Shell, 4474, putting it solidly in 1939 production. The liner and strap are original untouched to the helmet. The shell shows about 85-90% remaining feldgrau smooth factory finish, adorned with ET pattern runic and party shields. The Party shield shows heavy wear, likely period done to conform to the 1940 regulation about removal of state colors from helmets. The ET shield is almost pristine, showing all the desired and expected characteristics of that decal design. The liner bears the name and rank ink inscription "SS Uscha Wimmer." To have a named, inscribed piece adds a lot of history to a piece of elite headgear. This solid, sharp M35 combat piece would make a great addition to any SS collection, and sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity HOLD 11K USD


ws7 Top Shelf Minty SS M35 ET64 Double Decal Helmet

This is a classic,one-look original, iconic SS helmet that every M35 collector strives to own an example of. The helmet is an ET64 with a heat lot number that loosely corresponds to mid-1939 manufacture. The dome stamp is 1939 dated and the minty liner is nicely size marked 56. The decals are the CA Pocher manufacture, which is to be expected in roughly half of the 1939 helmets produced by ET, especially later '39. The paint is fine with storage scuffs and light wear. The decals are superb with full glue and lacquer application technique on display. The long end of the chinstrap is missing, allegedly removed at some point by the veteran (this is a vet family purchase). Don't pass this beauty up--you will not have to upgrade this category of helmet. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 20K USD



ws1 Waffen-SS M42 Single Decal Combat Helmet

This is from my personal collection; an ET (ckl)62 (shell size stamping says 64, but it's definitely a 62, with proper size 54 liner, untouched original to the helmet). with 99% medium texture finish and a classic ET pattern runic shield. The liner and strap are mint, factory installed, and untouched. Nearly impossible to upgrade. This one won't last long, and sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity. For the interest of fellow collectors, I've included a picture from a private collection of an identical CKL M42, same lot number, same mismarked size (ckl64, but is actually a 62 shell, outfitted with 55 or 54 liner size. Very interesting and just like anything else in a wartime economy, it is not difficult for us to understand how the Eisenhuttenwerke Thale factory would make the relatively insignificant, tiny adjustment necessary to get these otherwise perfect helmets issued to soldiers who need them. For me, anomalies like this are an historical bonus and make collecting fun!) SOLD 8K USD


ws39   Waffen-SS 1st Pattern Helmet Cover

This first model helmet cover is in nearly mint condition, probably not used. It originated in the Hermann Auction and has been in an advanced collection prior to this offering. The oakleaf pattern is overprinted in plain tree in a tasteful lateral movement of the pattern (cool looking, resembling the older covers). The stitching length varies and has the slightly erratic look of the old techniques. The thread has the proper gauge and look. The spring side shows pattern 1 in the middle of the rear, and on the front of the autumn side is a reddish purple numeral "2" for size medium. This cover is pictured on a size 62 M35 shell, showing there is a little room for more size. The frontal reinforcement displays the variant seam that Mike Beaver mentioned on page 126 of "Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS." The peening of the clips shows a desirable randomness of the strike, and there is no sign of any artificial abrading of the clips or the clip channels (to try to simulate rub wear). All in all a crisp, beautiful example of an early war cover. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 8.5K USD


WS40   Combat SS-VT / Waffen-SS Q66 M35 Double Decal Helmet

This combat beauty is virtually untouched and comes from a sleepy old collection from the UK. The shell is a Q66, batch number 418, with a darker grey-green Quist factory finish and Q pattern runic and party shields. The liner retaining rivets are the flatter profile zinc coated brass, with the the "capital I" design and most paint remaining. The helmet shows overall moderate-heavy wear but is complete. The B&C liner is interestingly marked, and the chinstrap is a prized Carl Tesch 1938 with the "VA-SS 1938" marking still visible. The original grime and patina are completely intact, with no cleaning or 'collector enhancements." A name in the upper rear dome is penned in, but is difficult to read without clearing off, so I left it to its new owner to decide if they want to clean off the name to read it. A super example of a straight up Waffen helmet. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity SOLD 11K USD


UA60 Exeptional Waffen-SS Panzer Wrap Here is an exceptional, lightly used, Waffen-SS EM black Panzer wrap. It is a standard issue pattern wrap constructed of heavy mid war quality black wool, with lining, inner pockets and belt hook support straps of black rayon, a contrasting type of subtly ribbed black rayon is used for armpit reinforcement, for the inner waist tightening tape tunnels and at the the adjustable cuffs, the waist tightening tapes are black colored HBT, the two inner buttoning tabs are constructed of the same black wool, large black plastic doughnut style buttons are used at the front closure and smaller black plastic buttons are positioned for lapels, closure tabs and cuffs, grey green painted pebbled buttons are used to anchor the slip on shoulder straps, all buttons are present and originally sewn, lining is stamped in white ink fonts having serifs, noting the rare 712 maker and size markings, shoulder strap bridles are factory installed and a matched pair of mid war quality Waffen-SS Panzer EM slip on shoulder straps are included, these have field grey wool under panels and synthetic piping, the machine applied collar patches are the more seldom seen type with the flat non wool backing and include a machine embroidered runic tab and a blank rank tab, the woven SS national emblem is factory zig zag sewn, garment exhibits only the lightest use and there is little if any nap wear, there are some areas of separation between the lining and collar/shoulder area that may have been caused by storage on a coat hanger.All the insignia appear to be originally applied. COA will accompany sale Withdrawn.



UA63 Outstanding SS Officer's Field Grey Side Cap Waffen-SS M40 overseas cap for an Infanterie officer, standard issue in every respect and having originally hand applied flatwire officer pattern eagle and skull. The cap has machine applied white wool piping, and the white colored soutache is held tightly into place with three knotted thread loops with the ends being inserted into the lower edge of the cap and tacked into place. The cap's body is made of fine quality ribbed trikot material, the lining material is a deep grey colored ribbed cotton. The 56 size stamping is in black ink; the cap has a partial grey colored leatherette sweatband located at the forehead...a beautiful example in minty condition, no damage of any kind. Price includes COA Withdrawn.



UA64 Waffen-SS Enlisted Man's Side Cap, Vet Hotel Buy Waffen-SS EM overseas cap, service used example constructed of mid war quality field grey wool and having lining components of grey colored flat cotton with the center lining section being of a contrasting ribbed cotton. The center section has a large black colored safety pin and the only marking is a large 58 stamped in black ink but it's more likely a 56 size. There is a woven soldier's initials tag sewn to the rear lining. The cap has the typical boat shape with false piping as usually found with these types, the woven skull and SS eagle are hand sewn with the latter being applied with both black and straw colored cotton thread, cap with light age and insignia shows appropriate age-toning. The cap was picked up from a US WWII veteran in a motel buy. Price includes COA Withdrawn.



UA50 Sepp Dietrich LAH Table Knife Purchased by Thies directly from the estate of the estate of Sepp Dietrich, a fine table knife with later version of the LAH cypher in fraktur. The stainless steel blade has 90%+ of the expected cross-graining. The collector purchased it from the Andreas Thies auction. It is in very good condtion with light use and age. The cursive LAH monogram is nicely rendered. A very desirable, well-hallmarked and well-provenanced piece of SS history. Price 975 USD or best offer.



UA55 Excellent "Doppelgaenger" M33 SS Dagger This dagger, a ,Spaetes Modell' has a blade marked M7/81 for Tiegel in Reimsburg and 1241/39 SS for Mack and Eickelnberg, Solingen, making it a so-called ,Doppelgaenger.' With this marking configuration, this is a rare dagger, and is one of the few examples that is not re-buffed or scabbard repainted. Excellent dagger overall and fine for any advanced SS blade collection. Price includes COA SOLD USD.




UA49 Superior Quality Private Purchase Waffen- SS Officer's Visor Cap, Published This cap comes from two of the best known headgear collections in the hobby. The cap consists of an earlier (1940-41?) quality construct overall, with very high peak and pronounced saddle shape. The high quality Deschler Skull and Eagle are untouched and 99% pristine condition. They show no sign of replacement or tampering. The upper material is a very high quality stone grey doeskin, piped in white wool. The black velvet cap band is also of a fine quality. The interior is an earlier orange chintz-like muslin, with the "Moberg" hallmark printed in partially remaining gold leaf. The sweat diamond is 100%. The entire inside of the cap shows no more than lightest wear and moderate handling. The size is approximately 57. The cap was published and attributed to a well known and credible collector from that time. My COA will accompany this purchase. No need to upgrade this example! Price SOLD 15.5K USD.




UA17 Waffen-SS Later War Tunic This four pocket M43 style tunic is in the SS cut, with SS style size markings, and has an interesting two clasp collar closure and longer collar tails. The boards are sewn-in SS Panzer pink piped and the collar tabs are machine applied, matching RZM style moleskin, rank of SS-Sturmmann. The left sleeve bears an RZM sleeve eagle and Sturmmann rank chevron. Overall a great looking piece and would be an excellent part of a W-SS display. Price, including COA, SOLD 7.8K USD.



UA20 Excellent Waffen-SS NCO / Enlisted Visor Cap This minty hat is constructed of a thick quality field grey wool, white wool piped and correct finer wool cap band. The interior is silk lined with grey ersatz sweat band.Size appears to be 56 or 57. The chinstrap is the Heer style, favored by many SS front line troops. The insignia appear to match nicely and are well-placed on the cap and look great. The only drawback is someone a long time ago attempted to glue the sweatband and visor seam in the inside front, but the glue reacted poorly with the materials and damaged the sweatband and front lining. This is a very old repair attempt. The cap still maintains a minty and sharp appearance otherwise and displays superbly. Price, including COA, SOLD 7.5K USD.



UA18 Waffen-SS M44 Battle Dress Tunic Spanking beautiful condition late war (45 dated) M44 tunic with Artillery or Stug piped boards. Sleeve eagle is machine sewn. Matching tabs are the super rare late RZM style, embroidered on muslin. Very nice SS jacket! Price, including COA, SOLD 7K USD.





UA1 Fantastic grouping belonging to an SS Hauptsturmfuhrer KIA in the Ukraine, 1941. This grouping consists of a massive set of original photos which were the possessions of SS HStuf. Hans-Jorg Hartmann who joined the SS in 1935; assigned to "Germania" as an NCO, attended the Junkerschule Tolz in 1938, commanded an MG section in Poland 1939 and 12th company Regiment "Nordland" within the "Wiking" division during Barbarossa in the Ukraine during the summer of 1941. The group consists of almost 700 photographs contained in 6 albums dating from Hartmann's early life, through service with Germania, the Berlin Olympics, Krystalnacht, the 1937 Feldherrenhalle ceremonies and the Sudeten occupation. The last two albums contain over 200 combat photos made on the steppes of the Ukraine in the summer of 1941. A lengthy and detailed presentation of the majority of these photos can be seen by clicking on this link: The grouping further contains Hartmann's original documentation attesting to his Aryan lineage dating back to 1730 which was compiled for the Race and Settlement Main Office (RuSHA). The main item of this grouping is the sword (and original issue carry bag) which Hartmann undoubtedly received upon his completion of Officer training at the Junkerschule Tolz. It is an early quality standard SS officer sword with a "virgin grip"; meaning the spanner bolt inside the grip has not been turned or removed since the sword was produced. Hartmann's SS number is stamped onto the blade providing proof-positive that it is the sword he carried for ceromonial purposes (and shown in at least 2 of the original photos within the albums) Lastly there are approximately 100 pages of modern printed documentation regarding Hartmann's career which is on file with the US archive in Washington DC. This Historic Grouping is priced at SOLD 15K USD.




Outstanding, Rare Waffen-SS Panzer Erbsentarn Wrapper and Trousers Rare, super condition. This is a super nice and very textbook set of SS Panzer Erbsentarn wrapper and trousers, circa 1944. The outfit is a close match in condition and wear (almost none). The collector I obtained it from obtained it as a set, so I will not break it up (it's one of those that match well enough you don't have to spend time looking for a complete set. The Wrapper is unmarked and has never been badged. It is a large man's size, something like a 52 or bigger in European sizes; 42 or so chest in American size. The tunic is un-badged, which according to Scott Pritchett's fine work, is correct for the later issue camo wraps. There are ample pictures in the historical record showing both officers and enlisted wearing un-badged outfits, many times over their black wool garments. The trousers, marked with a 2 and an RB number (see picture) are a spot-on size match. The ensemble is sharp, rare and would compliment any Waffen-SS panzer collection beautifully. Price with my COA: SOLD 16.5K USD.


LAH M37 Infantry Combat Tunic This tunic is an outstanding, salty, heavily worn but very handsome combat tunic from the Leibstandarte infantry regiments. The jacket is the typical Heer pattern, with the commonly encountered (field) tailor alterations to shorten the skirt to present the appearance preferred by the SS troops. This piece features a set of early, moleskin collar tabs that are hand-applied and show commensurate wear with the overall piece. The litzen on the rank side (Sturmmann) is an older 1930s pattern. The infantry piped SS shoulderboards feature the slip on LAH cyphers, along with officer quality buttons. The sleeve eagle, sturmmann chevron and RZM pattern LAH cufftitle are featured on the left sleeve. The tunic is provisioned for a number of badges (pictured--at extra cost), suggesting a fairly highly decorated individual. This is a killer piece and displays very nicely. Price, including COA, SOLD 7850 USD.



Waffen-SS M44 battle dress tunic. This example is unissued and textbook. Many of the later war SS troops were wearing these in combat, as seen in the ample photographic historic record. The jacket is concentration camp marked, with full mint herringbone lining and the correctly depot applied sleeve eagle. Provisions for shoulderboards are present, as is correct for an unissued piece. Beautiful example that would grace any SS cloth collection. Price includes my COA. SOLD USD.



Rare, real and untouched SS-VT "Germania" Oberscharfuhrer uniform, circa 1939. This outfit comes from the same source as the Buchenwald grouping and has only been in one collection. It is a one-look original, moderately used high quality piece from top to bottom. When I see the hand-embroidered bullion cufftitle I know it was an NCO who spent a little extra to make his uniform sharp. The bullion cufftitle is a killer example in its own right. One look and you can see it has been on the jacket forever, showing that unmistakable gentle patina that matches the rest of the piece. The tabs are machine sewn and correct. The SS2 tab has a couple of piques to the stripe piping but is otherwise perfect. The interior black cotton lining bears the VA SS 1939 stamp in white ink. The inside pocket tag is missing and likely because it bore the wearer's name. The belt hooks are SS-RZM marked. The breeches are the typical SS 'stiefelhose' and in matching condition. Overall a superb example of an untouched SS-VT NCO, worthy of the most advanced collection. Price SOLD 25K USD.





Killer Waffen-SS Enlisted Assault Gun Wrapper. This is an absolutely untouched textbook example, complete with untouched period applied insignia, badged to an SS-Rottenfuhrer. The material is the 1943-44 rough quality wool, with grey lining and SS-BW marked and properly size marked. The tabs, boards, eagle and rank are period applied and show perfect aging commensurate with that of the rest of the jacket. The application stitching shows no re-stitching, plus the thread twist and stitch length are correct according to other period examples. All buttons are correct and not re-applied. There are EKII and Ostfront ribbons in the buttonhole, both toned and showing a drop or two of (blood ?) staining. There are other period stains in the collar and front flap area which show this was a used piece. The cuffband is missing, but was removed hastily in a manner which left a hunk of it stitched in place in the rear of the jacket. It appears to have been sliced off with a knife. The buckram under the shoulders, the interior armpit treatment, the collar application and all other hallmark "must be present" features are all perfect on this wrapper. A hard to upgrade, combat used, serious plus for the advanced SS combat collection. Price includes my COA SOLD 13K USD


Very Nice Waffen-SS Q-64 Double Decal M-40 Helmet. This outstanding helmet is a rarely encountered SS example. Quist helmets are always in demand, and there is something about a DD M-40 that grabs collectors' attention. This helmet is a later war production Q, reflecting the June '43 positioning of the size and batch number in the rear skirt. However, with the one-look factory original Q pattern runic shield, I can see this helmet was produced before the November '43 decal prohibition (which did not take immediate effect even then). More interesting is the one-look period-applied CA Pocher party shield, reflecting a possible use by almost any SS formation, including combat (see the great picture of SS-Ostubaf Otto Skorzeny wearing a DD M40 during the capture of President Niklas Horthy garrison troops, such as Concentration Camp personnel or SS-Stabswache formations. This helmet bears an inscription: "Oscha ____" (name is illegible but could possibly be viewed under UV light). Nice overall example of a rare helmet, that would grace any collection. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Priced incredibly reasonably at SOLD 11.75K USD



Waffen-SS M42 Combat Helmet. This is a salty, combat veteran ckl M42 with all components intact and the classic ET pattern runic shield. It also has a fairly clear dome stamp. The helmet is unaltered and as it appeared in May 1945. Price is SOLD 5100 USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Minty Quist M40 Single Decal . This is an excellent condition Quist M40, with a remarkably nice, nearly 100% Schiefergrau finish and 96% crisp minty Q pattern runic shield. The size 55 liner and strap are untouched as originally installed in the helmet. The liner is light gold color, with minimal use wear and some edge wear from storage. This is a great helmet for the collection that is missing a crisp example of a Q M40. Price is SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





ET64 SS-VT Waffen-SS Helmet . Here is an absolutely original SS double decal helmet, 4xxx batch series for ET (1939) with expected CA Pocher runic and party shields and untouched liner and pins. The chinstrap is original period to the helmet as well. The helmet at some stage had a thick coat of lacquer applied to it. In the old days, some veterans would shine these, thinking it would protect them through the ages. Little did they know leaving the helmet alone would be much better for it (these were made for the 'thousand year reich' after all). Other than the lacquer, the helmet has no flaws. It's price very reasonably at, : HOLD 8.5k USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT black transitional helmet. This is an example of a rare configuration of transitional helmet, consisting of an early 1930s Austrian M16 style shell marked BGB and produced ostensibly for the Austrian military before the Anschluss--however, many appear to have been sourced by the SS who in the mid-1930s lacked access to the German military procurement system and thus had to supply themselves from the helmet works of neighboring countries such as Austria and Czechoslavakia. This helmet bears the rolled steel band three pad liner of 1930s manufacture. There are three paint finishes, including Austrian brown and an outer layer of Allgemeine-SS satin black. The decals are classic CA Pocher. Despite some flaking from the typical period poor quality undercoatings (these were not factory black helmets; always unit painted), this is still an excellent and rare transitional, worthy of any advanced helmet collection. Price is very reasonable for one of these rare pieces Available USD SOLD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Waffen-SS M42 Combat Helmet. This is a decent example of a combat used M42 from ET (CKL64) with a 2k series batch number. The finish is the smoother texture ET Schiefergrau, with 96% ET pattern runic shield. The liner and strap are untouched and tight, and frankly this helmet looks like it came right out of a GI duffel bag. . Price is SOLD USD 6900 and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.


Mint Waffen-SS Second Pattern Oakleaf Camo Helmet Cover . This stunning cover came out of the batch that was recently discovered in Germany. This particular cover is a fine, textbook example that has been reviewed and given the thumbs up by the most notable camo collectors in the hobby. The condition is unissued, the clips are steel, and the size is 64. This one-look original cover would grace the war room of the most discriminating collector. Priced reasonably at SOLD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Super Rare Waffen-SS M42 Winter Camo Combat Helmet. This outstanding helmet comes from a well-respected European collection and is one of the rarest I have had the pleasure to offer lately. The shell is an EF66 M42, with heavily combat worn fatory EF finish, topped with heavily worn white winter camo finish. The Runic shield is the classic EF, which appears to have been masked at the time of the camo being applied. The inscription in the inner skirt is to "SS Schutze Kohl" and could be researched. You can see the extraordinary wear this helmet has undergone, and historically speaking, it strongly suggests use in the hard fighting in the Ardennes Offensive of December 1944. Price is SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



SS-Totenkopfverband-attributed Helmet

This helmet was in my collection for a number of years before selling it to Darryl P, who eventually sold it to Bob C, who sold it to me recently. I had featured this helmet in SS Steel because of the uniqueness of it as a commercially-produced SS VT type helmet. In Ludwig Baer's German language helmet books, he describes this color as "schwartzgrau' or grey-black. It is black in some light, and dark grey in other, presenting a unique appearance. These helmets that mimic the Himmler helmet design but with salt shaker air vents are very likely exclusive SS contract helmets similar to the Himmler, the Droop Bill, and the RZM. The decals are classic CA Pocher, and the liner is a civic-style including the dual buckle strap. The name M. Moser is Martin Moser, who was and officer in SS-TV Regiment "Thule" and later in the KTL-der SS. The helmet is in superb condition and would be a key part of any SS-TV / VT prewar grouping or display. This rare piece is priced at New price SOLD 18.8K USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  



Named ET64 SSVT/Waffen-SS M35. The name in this helmet is currently being researched and the full description will be provided as soon as this information is available and analyzed. This helmet comes straight from a family in Germany and is as it was in 1945. . Price is SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.


Historic 4th Armored Division SS Helmet Grouping . Offered here is an intact US veteran bring back grouping that is packed with history and documentation. All of these items were brought back from France and Germany by an original member of the US 4th Armored Division, a Mr. Anderson. Anderson was from Illinois and was an M3 halftrack driver who was part of every combat engagement his mechanized recon unit was a part of, including the historic drive to Bastogne when the 101st Airborne was surrounded by the enemy during the Battle of the Bulge; and the liberation Of Buchenwald-Ohrdruf Concentration Camp in the spring of 1945. He seemed to have carried with him a sense of history, a desire to write and a camera. His letters and documents have been placed in a binder, organized by date, and his photographs, about 180, many with notations are arranged in order in a photo album: from training in California to the heart of Germany. He wrote many, many letters home from the war which are very vivid and absolutely gripping- not only in historical context but in poignant personal terms, penned freshly after his experiences. He tells of the savage fighting in Lorient, France against the Germans after the sweep through Normandy, the intense shelling they were giving and receiving, wondering why the next one didn't just come into his hole. "I think that was the hottest place I ever got into unless it could have been Bastogne", "I'm glad now that I was lucky enough to come thru safely and I'm sure some-body must have been watching over me. I guess a lot of fellows beside me has learned what it really means to pray after a few hours of shelling and wondering why the next one doesn't come right in". A letter mailed from "Somewhere in Belgium" (Bastogne, first week of 1945) where he's apologizing for not having time to write home to thank his parents for the warm sweater he received and how many guys would wish they all had one. He also has a very gripping letters Germany after hostilities had ended in 1945 where he is able to be unedited and very free with information due to a relaxing of mail censorship. In these letters he describes the horrors of the holocaust, "I saw some of the prisoner-of-war camps that you have probably heard about. It's hard to believe people could have been treated so cruelly even after seeing the evidence with my own eyes". He tells of the beautiful Blue Danube - and his distrust of pontoon bridges, and many of his souvenirs - to include flags, blades, guns, medals and in one letter this exact SS helmet. He visited the Hitler's Eagle Nest, took a photo as well. There are a couple photos he took of General George Patton too. Many other amazing photographs to include the Atlantic Wall, his vehicles with unit markings, photos with buddies, children, sights etc. One could spend hours going through all his letters, documents and photographs. The large two-part 4th Armored battle map would look spectacular mounted in a frame. The centerpiece of this grouping is the 1939 double decal SS helmet he brought back and mentions specifically the letter from Hohenberg, Germany, "Perhaps by now you have received some of my guns - I sent Helen a German helmet taken from an SS soldier. I thought perhaps the kids could play with it". It is a large ET68, and has taken on some patina and had its liner stitching torn, but is untouched and complete with its original chinstrap and very striking runic shield. This helmet is also named on the liner to the German soldier, "R. Metz" - this name has not been researched by anyone, and this will make for a good research project for the new owner. The SA dagger is an early piece and made by Puma, the Bronze PZ badge is unmarked, the SS collar tab is uniform removed, the EK is marked "20", the large Nazi Party banner is unmarked as is the early aluminum Heer belt buckle. This is a very substantive and attractive grouping that should be kept together. If you have seen "Fury," you will get the idea here... Priced at SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Stone Mint SS EM / NCO M-43 Cap. This is by far one of the finest examples of a factory complete M43 I have seen. Younger collectors have to understand what an opportunity this is. As the hobby matures, more and more rare SS items are coming out of old collections. My long period of collecting some of the best SS helmets and third reich items in the world has helped me to have access to many fine artifacts as they come available. The pictures speak for themselves. The cap is made from typical later war SS 'Stoff' that places it around late 1943 to early 1944. The silk-rayon herringbone lining and pull-tabs are typical for this type of cap. The typical, Correct herringbone interior is in as-new condition, and is size marked '57.' The insignia are machine sewn straight line, and have that characteristic 'puff' that original machine applied insignia often get. These are stacked right above the single bakeliet button closure. If you have a later war assault wrapper or infantry tunic of similar material, this cap is a must have to complete that ensemble. Know that my authenticity guarantee on what I sell is for life. The price for this superb cap, including my COA, is SOLD



From this same premier collection is this early SS NCO Crusher cap. This cap is a very rare classic example of one of the prewar produced field-quality caps for NCOs. The cap is in almost un-used condition, but it has a few holes poked in the front that go through the outer wool but not the lining. The whole cap is textbook, with the orange chintz top lining, full sweat shield, finer buckram type material for the interior lateral lining; and an ersatz sweatband. On this one, the visor is solidly intact, but about two inches of the front portion of the sweatband has come loose. Clearly a field piece, however one just like this is featured on the head of the NCO on the cover of volume I of Mike Beaver's Uniforms of the Waffen-SS series (except for his having flatwire insignia, the caps are nearly identical). This is a chance to own a rare piece of early SS headgear. Price includes my certificate of authenticity. SOLD



This is a truly stunning example of an ET66 M-35 Kriegsmarine double decal helmet with the national shield removed per the 1940 order. The paint, Kriegs eagle and all components are in top shelf condition, and present a bold and crisp appearance. In the pictures it is slighly hard to detect, but this is the absolutely typical early Kriegs shield with the raised edges around the feathers and the characteristic 'pumpkin orange' hue to the eagle. The collector who has owned this for many years specializes in finding pristine examples of M-35 'single' decal helmets, as a personal preference. The relative rarity of period national shield removed helmets has presented this collector with an interesting challenge over the years. Finally, the name "Mewes" appears in the rear skirt. Overall this is a handsome, crisp example and would grace any Kriegsmarine display or advanced helmet collection. The price is: SOLD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Outstanding Sauerland Helmet. (For reference there is a discussion thread about this helmet on the GHW forum). Also for reference on these, see the Featured Helmets section of this website. This piece is an excellent, original example of a very rare Third Reich helmet. The shell is the expected NS64, and it is a camo featuring very subtle red and yellow ochre colors daubed on top of the Schiefergrau factory finish. This helmet sat in storage for many decades, so it shows commensurate patina--but not excessive. The decal is by all indications a classic Sauerland, and in hand, is a one-look original. Several views of the helmet are featured here, especially showing the subtle but present camo scheme. A rare helmet, worthy of any advanced collection. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Superb Waffen-SS Camo M43 Cap. This is a mint example of an oakleaf pattern camo M43 that shows all the expected characteristics of originals (camo specialists take note of the stitching and other features). The construction is the expected style of materials assembly, commensurate with a wartime KL shoproom mass production. Nice vibrant spring and autumn colors. The price, incluing my COA, is USD SOLD



Heer Tailored Oblt. Tunic in Russian 'beutestoff'. This officer's combat tunic is an excellent example of a semi-professional 'occupied territory' tailored piece. The material appears to be the tawny-colored heavy weight canvas-duck fabric used widely by Third Reich troops as the Soviet campaign deepened. The tailoring is superb, with small details such as the basted shoulder padding and awards eyelets being well-rendered. This Oblt. was decorated with the close combat clasp, as well as the EKI with spange and another possibly assault badge. The insignia are machine applied except for the bullion breast eagle, which is nicely hand-sewn. All insignia shows the harmony of age-toning and even wear that convince me all components were originally on this piece in the WWII period. Very handsome Heer Infantry piece. Price includes my COA.SOLD 1590 USD



Waffen-SS Enlisted / NCO overseas caps. These caps are from an advanced collector who obtained them decades ago and is now letting them go. Both are in used but excellent condition, with that degree of age toning and correctness of insignia application and stitching that collectors are looking for in original pieces. Each shows the individual characteristics of the being from different makers; one with the rayon lining and the other with cotton. Most of what I offer on this site are consignment pieces from discriminating and often well-known collectors, and these are two of the nicest quality original Waffen caps I have seen recently. These will make great additions to that tunic grouping from the war years 1941-43. These are selling as individuals (although a price can be made for the pair if the buyer wishes both). SOLD and SOLD.



Heer M40 Oberleutnant's Field Tunic. This is a very handsome field quality enlisted tunic that has been converted for officer use, with droop tail badgecloth collar and officer bullion quality insignia. The insignia are nicely hand-applied as would be expected on a field piece. The tunic shows minimal wear and no mothing or other detractors. These pieces are from a 40 year collection. The price is reasonable for this piece and includes my Price SOLD 1500 USD




Once in a lifetime collector opportunity: Martin Bormann's White Formal Reichsleiter Summer Tunic. The tunic of the number two to AH is offered for sale from a very advanced collection. This tunic surfaced in 2009 and was obtained by Bill Shea that year. The provenance is impeccable and it turns out this piece was originally pictured as part of the grouping of Bormann tunics in a 7th Infantry photo of GIs outside Bormann's home on the Berghof. This tunic and a named shirt surfaced at a hotel buy in Pawtucket, RI, and forms the third of a trio of original Bormann tunics in existence. There is more to the story in the letter of provenance that accompanies this purchase. The condition is remarkably nice, with minimal staining or discoloration. All insignia are present and original to the tunic, as are the dienstrock and nametags. It is difficult to describe the sense of history surrounding this piece, once worn by the one man, through whom all who desired audience with AH had to pass. A unique, one of a kind piece of Third Reich History! The seller consigning this piece has it priced at P.O.R. SOLD



ET64 M35 Single Decal Helmet

This outstanding example shows the 1940 party shield removal per orders. It is also nicely named to an SS-VT member named "Eisenschien" who was KIA in Russia in 1941. The helmet consists of a typical later 1938 / early 1939 deep pea-green field grey finish, with lustrous ET shield which is 99.9%. The liner is original untouched, and dated 1939, matching the dome stamp. The chinstrap is a well-marked Carl Tesch Berlin 1938, with the VA-SS 1938 stamp on the long portion. This is a killer piece that has been stashed away in a premier collection. I first saw it in 1993. It is priced at 13K USD HOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


This is the finest condition, rarest type of ET helmet produced in WWII. It consists of an ET66 M-40 shell with 99% fine texture schiefergrau finish and 100% ET pattern runic and party shields. The rarity of this helmet is defined by the fact it is an M-40 with a four digit batch number (5065. My personal collection example of the same has batch number 5066, which puts this helmet at the earliest production run of the M40 shell by ET). Secondly, the presence of a glue and lacquer factory applied set of ET pattern double decals is an extreme rarity. Lastly, the condition of this piece is the finest I have seen in 49 years of collecting helmets. An inscription in the skirt of the helmet indicates it was issued to an SS-Uscha, and given the condition, research may reveal that this helmet was in a unit where it saw very light if any use (such as a camp or a main office). The pictures tell the story on this piece, which is one of the very best. The price is: SOLD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



EF64 Police Double Decal Helmet.

This is a classic example of an EF M42 production double decal Polizei helmet. All components are tight and untouched original to the piece. Comes from the same collection of meticulously collected top condition pieces. Will not disappoint the most discriminating SS / Polizei collector. Priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Schutzpolizei Double Decal SE64 M40 Helmet.

Here is an excellent example of a SchuPo M40 that is in crisp, 98% condition overall. The bordered police shield and ET style party shield are excellent and the smooth slate grey finish is minty. This helmet would grace any SS / Police helmet collection and is priced very reasonably at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Heer Factory Single Decal ET66 M35 Helmet.

This Heer M35 is another rare piece that shows the transition between M35 and M40. In this case the batch number is 4727, which is high in the ET M35 production range. The paint is a smooth finish slate grey (schiefergrau) without any texture, but is the deep color used in some of the final M35s produced across the spectrum of makers, including ET, SE, NS and EF--with Q retaining their very matte quality to their paint, as a differentiator. The liner retaining pins are light green in hue, also reminiscent of this color scheme trend. The treatment of the application of the adler shield is typical ET. As a helmet collector, this is a prized specimen to come available. It is priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Outstanding Luft M40 Single Decal Helmet.

The pictures speak for themselves on this beauty. The brown early style chinstrap assembly is original to this helmet, and bears the correct treatment expected in terms of stitching, trimming etc, at the factory. It is marked with a 'B' below the buckle. Superb helmet, would grace any Luft collection. Priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


"Droop Bill" Allgemeine-SS Helmet.

This helmet is an out of the woodwork example of a no-decal early production Droop Bill helmet which was contracted by the SS in 1933-early 1934. The style is unmistakeable and ubiquitous in early SS photographs. Priced reasonably at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Rare Ear Cutout Transitional Helmet.

For sale is a seldom encountered original example of an ET64 Model 1918 German helmet, refurbished and used during the inter-war and early WWII period. The helmet shows three layers of paint, the oldest being the original WWI finish, followed by the mid-1930s field grey, then finally the M-40 style schiefergrau finish of WWII. The helmet displays no decals, likely due to them being removed during refurbishment. The liner is the typical M40 style which would be expected in accompanyment with this WWII finish--although it is outfitted with a commercial style roller buckle chinstrap that is riveted in place. Ear cutouts are so commonly faked that it is refreshing to encounter an unquestioned original example such as this. The helmet is priced at HOLD 2200 USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


For sale is an ultra-rare example of an SS M-42 Double decal helmet. The shell is a later war NS64 with CA Pocher runic and party shields applied at the unit or field level. These decals were widely available in the German supply system and many units such as foreign volunteers and Einsatzgruppen continued to wear unusual configurations of the SS helmet emblems. These are without any doubt period applied. The condition shows medium-heavy field use and demonstrates that this might well have been a front line foreign volunteer's helmet. M-42 DD SS helmets are very scarce and desirable in the advanced collections. The price is: SOLD Euros and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



M-40 Single Decal Heer

For sale is an M-40 Q64 helmet with Quist schiefergrau finish and 'bigfoot' Quist decal. The batch numnber is 475. The chinstrap is dated 1941 and looks orig to the piece. The helmet features a beautiful named blond liner that is not damaged and is untouched. This helmet comes from an old collection of over 35 years, and is a great example of a combat helmet showing very light use. This helmet is priced at 1550 USD SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  



Luft Transitional

For sale is a helmet that is rarely offered anywhere; a Luftwaffe Transitional. The helmet comes from a 40 year collection and has not been touched in any way. The multiple layers of paint and medium - heavy use denote how difficult supplies were for the German armed forces during the early stages of the re-armament period. They used and re-used everything available in the early stages. The helmet features a luft blue-grey outer finish with very good eagle and national shield. The liner and strap are the M-31 type, doubtless added during the many re-issues this helmet has seen. For the advanced luft collection. Price is SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Superb EF M35 Heer Helmet.

For me, one of the most collectible M35 helmets is the EF, whether Heer, Luft or SS. They have a special look to the shell that I like, and their manufacture was quite varied and different from the big name mainstream makers (ET, Quist, SE), which I also find attractive. This helmet is no exception. The shell is an EF64, with the typical slate-colored flat finish these helmets were noted for. The Heer adler and national decals are lightly lacquered and near 100% mint. The finish is also superb, with just a few storage nicks. The liner and strap are correct EF components, with the strap dated 1939--probably the actual first year of full-up, significant EF M35 production. The rear skirt bears a name in faded ink. Given the overall condition, this piece is a must for the advanced Heer helmet collection. Priced at SOLD USD it includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Early Luftwaffe M35 Helmet.

This is a very nice example of an early Q62 Luft Helmet, with 1937 dated liner and strap. The eagle is perfect, as is the paint and liner. The national colors shield suffered a degree of flaking and wear, but is also in decent shape. This example would be a fine addition to any helmet collection. Priced reasonably at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Factory Single Decal Kriegsmarine M35 Helmet.

This outstanding helmet is an SE64 M35 shell, that is completely configured as an M40. The fact that the batch number is 4848 tells me this piece was factory produced as an M40, which happened to have an M35 shell. This in my view is the quintessential mark of helmet production for the smaller services (remember, a KM helmet is much rarer than an SS helmet given how small the KM was as a service). The paint, liner, decal, strap, etc are completely original untouched, and in near-mint condition. This example would be hard to upgrade. Priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Waffen-SS ET64 M-40 combat helmet. This is a combat used but very good condition M-40 SS helmet. The finish is the typical early ET Schiefergrau, with a classic ET pattern runic shield at a high percentage of condition. The finish shows wear and patina, as well as remnants of whitewash for winter camo in some low spots (rear rivet especially). The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet. This piece would make a nice addition to a combat SS display. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Direct Veteran Family Acquired Waffen-SS M-35 Helmet, named! This excellent condtion ET66 M-35 double decal comes from the veteran family in England, whose father was a participant in the last battles of the defeat of the Third Reich as a member of the Grenadier Guards (pictures below include his portrait and he and a friend posing with some helmets they picked up). His commemorative placque is pictured here, naming the places he was stationed while in Germany during 1945-47. It doesn't get much better than this for provenance. The helmet itself displays the typical ET paint (pea green) of the late 1938-early '39 pattern (batch number is 4300 series), with classic ET pattern runic and party shields. The paint shows the beautiful browning patina that is a hallmark of originality. There is a period, German inscription in the liner, saying "Thiemann, 1943". This can obviously be researched. The liner is untouched and the rivets are tight untouched. The chinstrap is a cordovan brown color like a luftwaffe strap, but it is original to the piece and untouched as the veteran brought it back. The tip is missing from the strap, otherwise everything is complete and excellent. Here is a once in a long time chance to own a solid Waffen-SS helmet with a great history. Price, including my COA and other Veteran information is New Price SOLD USD



A helmet for all times; one of the absolute rarest, EREL Allgemeine-SS Officer's Fiber Parade Helmet in mint, untouched Veteran condition. This helmet is one of two original examples known of an early SS parade helmet. I have seen several counterfeits over the years, but never an original with CA Pocher shields (the other original I know of is the Fat Rune fiberhelm pictured in my books). This is truly an exceptional helmet, produced by the famous Third Reich headgear maker, Robert Lubstein, of the "ErEl" logo. This quality and rarity of a piece belongs in an advanced SS (Allgemeine or VT) collection. The piece came from a Veteran's son, living in the midwest, who discovered it as he was clearing out his deceased father's possessions. The helmet shows the effects of being stored carefully for 75+ years, but no abuse--only the graceful aging characteristics of vulcanfiber. Here is a chance to own a piece of SS history, on a par with any of the finest accoutrements used by SS leaders of the day. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. SOLD USD




Q66 Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT Black M-35 Helmet. This rare helmet is one of four black batch number 1151 helmets and is pictured in "SS-Steel." The helmet comes from an advanced black helmet collection and is a classic example. The 1151 batch helmets are thought to be very late 1938 or early 1939 produciton due to the fact that a 5th example, still in Feldgrau finish, displays the 1939 style Quist factory finish. Here is one of the black four, with the semi-gloss black finish and CA Pocher runic and party shields placed atop. The liner is in excellent condition and features an early M31 style roller buckle and clip chinstrap. These helmets almost never come up for sale, and this one is a fine example that would grace any collection. The price is: SOLD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





EF 64 M-42 Double Decal Police

This is a nice example of a recent vet-acquired M-42 Polizei helmet by a California collector. The helmet is untouched in every way, and the only flaw is the strap tip is missing. Information on the vet's unit can be provided with this sale. This helmet is priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Q 66 Late War Camo Waffen-SS helmet

This is a crisp example of a later war issue Q No-Decal helmet with a rough texture camo job predominantly in brick-red, and with a nice hand painted SS-Uscha inscription in the skirt. This piece was purchased by the seller from KenN and has good provenance. The overall condition is excellent for a camo, but it appears the liner has been treated at some point. Taking this into consideration, this helmet is priced very reasonably at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Don't pass up this chance to own a great example of a Waffen-SS camo combat piece that is priced reasonably.  




Allgemeine-SS Transitional Helmet This is an untouched example of an Allgemeine-SS transitional helmet that possesses all the features of that iconic period between 1934-1938 during the buildup of Himmler's SS. The helmet consists of an Austrian M-16 shell with typical early '30s "cottage industry" three-pad style liner, which is nicely marked "1 Sturm, 4 SS Nachrichtensturmbann Essen" (1 (telephone) company, 4th communications battalion Essen), which is about as cool as it gets. The CA Pocher decals are classics, and show some wear but retain their Pocher luster and beauty. Modestly priced Transitional helmet from a famous advanced collection. The seller is a famous black helmet collector known worldwide for the quality and historical significance of his one of a kind collection. He is motivated to sell this piece and get it in a good home. This new price is a superb value to any prospective collector. Price, including COA, is SOLD USD




Early ET66 SS-VT / Waffen-SS M-35 helmet from the Norwegian Partisan Veteran's family. This helmet is absolutely a one of a kind SS collectible, direct from the family of the man who captured the SS Officer who wore it and who also received a certificate from General Eisenhower for his service in his country's resistance effort against the Nazis. The helmet is an ET66 with an early batch number (3254) which indicates 1936 production. The liner and strap are dated 1937 and the helmet was initially produced as a Heer at the factory. Early in its life it was adorned with a nice early quality set of CA Pocher runic and party shields, right atop the Heer shields. (In viewing early SS-VT training photographs, many Heer helmets appear in the recruit training scenes. Even Fritz Witt is seen in photographs wearing a Heer helmet). The finish on this ET is the early thin apple green, with field grey liner retaining pins. The liner is untouched and in good condition and bears the initials "A T". Pictured along with this helmet are the certificate from Eisenhower and also a snapshot of the veteran in national uniform, greeting Eisenhower. This is a truly one of a kind piece, and worthy of advanced historical collections. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Note: upon sale, the veteran's grandson will provide information, a copy of the certificate and photograph.



ET62 SS-VT / Waffen-SS M-35 helmet from "SS-Steel". This crisp ET example of a late 1938 production helmet displays excellent ET pattern SS and party shields on a pea-green factory finish. The liner and chinstrap are untouched original to the helmet and the liner bears the name Hein, which has been researched (seller can provide additional information on the soldier's unit). This helmet has no issues and would grace any advanced SS helmet collection. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.


Fine ET 62 M-35 SS-VT / Waffen-SS Helmet

For sale is an excellent, untouched example of an SS-M35 helmet from an old Connecticut collection. The helmet is dome dated 1938 and bears classic ET Pattern SS and party shields characteristic of that year's main product line. The liner shows use and age and is untouched, as is the chinstrap. Overall this is a very collectible representative of the ET helmet and would be a fine addition to any collection. Price is USD SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  

Early Allgemeine-SS Parade Helmet

This helmet is an historic and rare aluminum parade helmet that was a type worn by Allgemeine-SS officers during the early Nazi period. The helmet consists of a wide flare skirt aluminum shell originally in field grey, with a black hand-applied finish to the outside only. The insignia are hand-applied, which signifies likely use in 1934 before standardized insignia were distributed among the SS ranks. Moreover, under the black paint, the outline of a Reichswehr foot-standarte shield, also hand-applied, is visible. In the accompanying period photo, the officer between Eicke and Himmler is wearing one of these. A rare helmet with a lot of history, this piece is priced very reasonably at (this seller is very motivated to sell this superb and rare piece to raise money for another collecting project. Early SS collectors, don't pass this one up!> SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Heer Panzer Enlisted cap, circa 1941. This beautiful enlisted example comes from a well-known collection and is original and untouched in every way. The pictures provide a good view of the stitching and insignia application, all of which are textbook. The pink soutache sets this cap off nicely and it would look very nice atop an early to mid war Panzer wrap. The price, including my COA, is SOLD USD




For sale is an excellent example of a Heer Panzer enlisted cap circa 1940. The insignia are beautifully hand applied and appear completely period. The lining is the mouse grey cotton and is marked Lago 22 and size 54. On the left side of the cap is a rhomboid shaped pin with a wolf's hook, which ostensibly representing one of the Heer Panzer Divisions. The cap is in excellent condition overall, with little wear and no mothing. It would serve as a key piece of headgear for any Heer enlisted Panzer ensemble. The price is SOLD USD





Ultra Rare Heer Enlisted Panzer Beret

Panzer berets are pretty much a once in a collector lifetime opportunity, especially one that is complete and in original, unaltered condition. Most of these were recycled by the Wehrmacht supply system to use the crash helmet portion as the lining of the mid-war fur hat. This superb example has survived unscathed. It is fully marked Werner Holt, Lublin SW 1940 + cloth label and remains in exceptional collectible condition. It is priced at USD SOLD.  


Super Rare Fat Rune SS lighweight Civic Style Parade Helmet My second Fat Rune helmet was this piece, which originated from a California veteran estate over 14 years ago. I got it second-hand, and never knew any details, however, this helmet speaks volumes by itself. The helmet shell is a typical civic aluminum alloy square scallop, dated 1934 and commonly issued to police organizations. The liner is civic style, with the dome pad on the inside. In this case, this helmet was a direct SS Issue, featuring a CA Pocher party shield and a beautiful Fat Rune SS shield, in reverse order. Neither decal shows any glue or lacquer in application. Moreover, these are the only decals ever on this helmet--there is no scraped or covered police shield or other decoration. Normally Fat Rune shields are found on either 3567 / 3574 batch number ET M-35s, or on some (just one) early RZM helmet. One other original SS parade helmet in the Barrows collection features a Fat Rune shield. My feeling about this helmet, which is featured in the Beaver / Hicks helmet book, is it may possibly have been used as a parade helmet by an SD officer, given the decals being in reverse order. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Price is SOLD USD.




ET 62 M-40 Waffen-SS Helmet

Here is a hard to find, collectible example of an M-40 ET in overall minty condition. The finish is the early ET Schiefergrau in the light texture, and the decal is a 99.9% classic ET shield with factory glue and lacquer application. The liner retaining pins and main band are untouched original to the helmet but the leather portion of the liner was replaced by the owner with a correct M-40 liner insert due to the leather having been torn out sometime during the period since the war. The chinstrap, a Singer Klattau 1941 strap, is also replaced but perfectly period faithful to the use period of this helmet. German liners were designed so the leather insert portion could be easily replaced without interrupting the integrity of the pins or the liner band itself, which is also the case here, so the restoration does not substantively detract. A completely untouched ET in this condition would be priced at 8k plus. However, given the leather replacement, the price is lowered accordingly at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  




Mid-1930s Schutzpolizei Transitional Helmet

This is a fine example of an Austrian M-16 shell converted for use by the Polizei during the mid to later 1930s. The helmet is in very good condition with complete and untouched liner and chinstrap sytem. The paint is a medium grey polizei color which is brush applied, leaving some traces of grey on the liner and edge of the strap. This is a typical theme for non-Wehrmacht units such as SS and Police to re-paint their field grey issued helmets. The decals feature an early party shield found on some Polizei M-35 helmets made by Quist circa 1936. This helmet would make a great addition to any helmet collection and is priced reasonably at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


M-35 Luftwaffe Helmet

For sale is a medium condtion M-35 double decal size 64 Luftwaffe Helmet by EF. The overall condition shows medium use and the paint and decals are altogether about 88%. There is a unit marking in the dome: I/234. The GI's name who souvenired the helmet from the war is also written in the liner. This is is a good, collectible piece, and is priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


ET 66 M-40 Waffen-SS Helmet

This is an excellent example of an early production M-40 from Eisenhuttenwerke Thale, with a batch number of 17. This helmet was in my personal collection from 1998 until a few years ago, and is featured in SS-Steel. The finish is the typical medium texture grey-green Schiefergrau finish characteristic of ET production. The liner and chinstrap are untouched and completely original to the helmet. The runic shield is the classic ET pattern. No flaws and a fine helmet for any advanced collection. This helmet is priced at SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  




ET 66 M-35 Waffen-SS Helmet

This M-35 is a factory issue Waffen-SS ET66 with CA Pochers. The batch number is 4176, suggesting 1939 production. The liner and all pins, chinstrap, etc are un touched and in good condition. The helmet was waxed for parade use during its period life, with small remnants of ancient beeswax visible in the low areas (beeswax becomes a dark grey on helmet shells). The decals show the glue and laqcuer factory application, and the paint has a light field-grey hue--a very striking finish and appearance. This helmet is priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Allgemeine-SS Transitional Helmet

This helmet comes from the largest and most advanced collection of black SS helmets in the world. The shell is an Austrian M-16 with satin black finish and CA Pocher SS decals in the classic configuration. It has a lot of use and wear, including period re-touch of the decals, which was a practice that I have observed manifests itself in about 15-20% of surviving original examples. The Germans, like any other military, dressed up their gear in various ways for inspections and parades. This helmet definitely shows the "been there" look in every way. The price is very reasonable at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  



Waffen-SS M-40 Single Decal Combat Helmet

This is an excellent example of a named, single decal Waffen-SS M-40 single decal with an overall handsome combat appearance. This piece is complete, untouched and would look nice on a W-SS display especially with a decent first pattern camo cover beside it. The shell is an ET62 and the batch is 725, so probably late 1940-early 1941 for this helmet. The liner and strap are untouched and in excellent shape. The name Mehl is hand painted in the skirt and is original to the period. The price is SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  



M38 Early Spanner Single Decal Paratrooper

This is a very decent example of early spanner single D paratrooper; with nice toned patina, great condition eagle, excellent straps and liner, and NO sign of tampering of the bolts either inside or outside. To get a nice semi-salty paratrooper in nice untouched condition is a rarity itself. Shell is ET68, with a 56 liner. Snap is marked PRYM. This helmet is priced at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


M-35 Reissue Single Decal Luft Preview--price info coming soon SOLD



EF64 M-35 Waffen-SS Helmet This is a scarce example of an EF M-35 SS helmet, circa 1939-40 that began as a double decal helmet and then had the party shield period-removed per orders. It is rarer on two levels; one being it is an EF and the other being the period removal of the party shield, which was not closely followed by the SS. This helmet retains 90+ % dark apple green 1939 finish and classic CA Pocher decal (generally the exclusive factory decal for the M-35 EF). The liner and strap are original and untouched to the piece. Overall a great example of a rare helmet. Price (including my COA) is SOLD USD


For sale is an Allgemeine-SS Transitional Helmet from the woodwork Here is a solid example of an Allgemeine-SS transitional consisting of a German M-16 WWI shell, originally issued in field grey. There are two subsequent black finishes, and at least four decals represented. The outermost layer are classic CA Pochers, and the unusual thing is the party shield is covered except for the swastika circle only. The liner is an M-40 style, that is completely period original to this piece. This is not unusual given that black uniforms and helmets were in continued use by the A-SS foot regiments and Abschnitte during the first two years of the war. This helmet simply saw an upgrade of the liner when it was necessary. This excellent example surfaced two months ago in an estate sale in the Northeast US and is untouched in every way. The price, including my lifetime COA, is





WWII US Paratrooper M-2 D-Bale Jump Helmet, Fox Company 506 P.I.R.; ID'd

One of the most exciting and poignant helmets I have ever owned is this US M-2 D-Bale helmet with General Motors Inland Division liner, named to PFC Armand R. Beauchamp, Company F, 506th P.I.R. Armand was killed in action on 7 October 1944 along the dykes near Opheusden, Holland, a victim of a near direct hit by a German mortar. He hailed from New Mexico and initially served with Easy Co, then transferred to Fox Co. prior to deployment overseas in 1943. He was an original Toccoa man, whose specialty was 60mm Mortars. Here are several photographs of him; in front of the tar-paper shacks at Camp Mackall, NC; at a function (probably USO) at either Fayetteville, NC or in Georgia (he is at far left); posing with comrades on the evening of 5th June, 1944; boarding for Market Garden (I know this picture of the men loading the aircraft has been labeled for years as an 82nd Airborne photo, however, my friend Bill Brown who wrote the Fox Company history said it was the 506th and named the men in this picture--the last one in line is easily recognized as Armand Beauchamp. In front of him is a soldier named Yocum). Lastly, Armand's grave in Holland, photo by Bill's friend Cees. The helmet itself is a brilliant example of the M-2 jump helmet. The seam is in the front and the d-bales are correctly brazed to the steel pot. The helmet chinstraps are the correct OD#3 11-row web; with the early brass step style buckle and nickel plated brass snaps. The helmet has the spades with the tick at the 6 o'clock position, denoting second battalion, 506th. The spades show fine, original period weathering, crackling and wear. The net is British. I never removed it; it is slightly fused to the old (serial number inscription) paint on the inside of the steel pot. The liner is a classic example of the General Motors Inland jump liner (see logo photo) with correct webbing and wire chin cup buckles. The clips and webbing are original and all present. The original sweat band is present. There is a substantial layer of grime and sweat in the cotton webbing of this liner, suggesting real use. I was mildly astounded when I noted the remnants of masking tape in the inside front and rear of the liner. When I was a Lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne, I used to use tape to keep the steel pot and liner from separating during jumps--it happened with these helmets. Here was an example in my hands with old masking tape still present, possibly from training jumps Armand Beauchamp did. The liner spades show the same fine crackling and age / wear, commensurate with the steel pot. This helmet was in the collection of a preminent helmet collector for over 20 years before I obtained it. The late Robby Wilson obtained it from me and treasured it as I did. I am offering it for sale on his behalf. Serious US collectors, do not pass this one up--it is what it is. This exceptional piece is priced at SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  




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