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HELMETS (More added down below, 21 December 2017)

SS-Ogruf. KH Frank's Steel Helmet. If you've seen Antropoid and are familiar with the assasination of Heydrich and its aftermath, then you have an idea what Frank did. The PFC right behind him in this photo was the individual who took him prisoner on 9 May '45 in Pilsen. His daughter brought this helmet into 'Antiques Roadshow' in 2010. ET64, Pocher Decals, special field-grey over black; Carl Tesch 1938 Chinstrap with VA-SS 1938 Marking.


Mint, Unissued Like New EF M42


Just Mint Q66 M40



ET66 M40 belonging to SS-Oscha Josef Schorn, of SS-TV 'Brandenburg." Schorn finished the war an Obersturmfuhrer and has a very complete file.




Mint Quist DD M35 Helmet. Heat lot number 664; Narrow Q pattern runes, Carl Tesch 1938 Chinstrap with VA-SS 1938 Marking.

A Lot More Examples Coming



SS-VT Circular Insignia Black Transitional Helmet. I finally got this back after selling it 5 years ago, in one of my bigger collecting mistakes. There are two others I know of in the world that have decals, and two original examples that are hand painted. These are incredibly rare and I am thrilled to have it back in the archive.

A Lot More Examples Coming




Below is my Personal SS Cloth Collection Gallery. These items are not for sale, but for reference only. More additions added; more to follow soon!



Personal Collection Item -Waffen-SS Officer's ,Alter-Art' Crusher Cap, Named and Researched

This ,Schirmmutze Alter-Art' shows wool quality and color, as well as interior material and color, consistent with caps produced in the pre-war to early war period. The white-piped body is the early field grey color and the lining is the orange lining fabric, with leatherette sweatband and velvet beaded edge, (branded 'Stirndruckfrei') similar to Pekuro produced headwear. The leather bill shows moderate age-crazing and some curl from age and style of wear. The insignia are hand-applied flatwire. The black band is more of a badgecloth than a velvet, which collectors will recognize as being consistent with the early cloth billed crusher caps, and some early SS-VT NCO visor caps. This cap bears a name label affixed in the top, which has the ink inscription "Wiederhold." Out of every existing file on the name "Wiederhold" in the entire Berlin Document Center at NARA, the closest handwriting match among them is from the RuSHA record for SS-Ustuf Richard Wiederhold, a graduate of the Wirtschaft-schule Arolsen and a member of 3-SS Pz Div ,Totenkopf' as of late 1944.    

Personal Collection Item -Waffen-SS Panzer Officer's M43 Cap

Used but nice example of a rare, Waffen-SS Panzer Officer's M43 Cap. Black wool, flatwire insignia hand applied; black silk-like interior with half-leather sweatband. Bill is broken in the middle for easy stashing in the utility pocket.    

Personal Collection Item -Waffen SS Officer's Fine Quality M43 Cap

This cap is made from the finest doeskin officer quality wool, with imitation silk lining and pressed paper sweatband. The workmansip including application of the insignia are well rendered.  

Personal Collection Item -Waffen-SS Artillery Officer's Crusher Cap, Paul Kaps Manufacture

This Paul Kaps fine quality crusher cap is made from a high grade officer's doeskin, with black velvet cap band, red wool piping with reed insert (showing in a mothed area) and a black silk lining (sweat band and cap lining bear the Paul Kaps logo. The bill of the cap is a coated leatherette, showing age-crazing and cracking. The wool body of the cap shows light moth tracking and some nips along the bottom edge. The cap appears un-issued or very lightly used, perhaps for walking out.    

Personal Collection Item -Waffen-SS Panzer Officer's Crusher Cap

This crusher came out of Germany in the last year or so, having been crumpled and nearly destroyed during storage. It was instantly recognizable as an original cap, and during the last 6 months, was carefully restored to its former glory by a renowned military artifact conservator in the UK, who has professionally and faithfully restored some premier SS headgear for collections and museums. The before and after pictures tell the story of this cap. The cap itself consists of an officer's quality heavy gabardine body and velvet cap band construction, with pink piping and machine-applied bevo skull and eagle. There is heavy staining to the cap body and the bill shows profuse, fine crazing to the leather. The way it lays when held in hand, the cap shows signs of having been worn for a long period with a pair of panzer headphones clamped atop the wearer's head. It goes without saying that an original SS Panzer Crusher Cap in any condition is an extremely rare piece of headgear. This one bears a special history and a new lease on life as an historic artifact.  

Personal Collection Item -SS Officer's M-40 "Schiffschen" by Clemens Wagner


This is an example of an SS Officer's M-40 "Schiffschen" made by the famous firm Clemens Wagner. The cap body is made of a fine quality doeskin and features a white piped flap. The skull is a hand-applied flatwire version, while the eagle is a hand-applied enlisted version. This mixed insignia configuration is common for Clemens Wagner hats.

Personal Collection Item -SS-VT Cloth-Billed Visor Cap "Alter-Art"

Personal Collection Item -Waffen-SS Officer's M-43 Cap


Rarely encountered Waffen-SS officer's M-43 cap with flatwire skull and eagle. This tailored cap is reminiscent of a "Bergmutze" in style (See Beaver / Shea; SS Headgear) and features a full leather sweatband and tailor applied officer piping to upgrade it to officer. The one-time, hand-applied flatwire insignia show age puckering and slight patina commensurate with the overall condition of the hat.

Personal Collection Item -SS-VT Enlisted Man's / NCO's Side Cap

This is a superb example of an SS-VT enlisted side cap, ca 1939. The body is the earlier M36 Feldgrau color of field grey (see Beaver, vol. 1), and the interior is the typical mouse-grey cotton construction, with Bavarian maker mark. The insignia consist of the textbook field-grey painted skull button and the double-backed triangular SS-VT eagle, showing the particularly small and sparse machine ebroidery of this insignia. The cap is a size 55

Personal Collection Item -Waffen-SS Mountain Officer's M-43 Cap "Bergmutze"

This is a classic SS Officer's Bergmutze, constructed in Italian gabardine and possessing machine sewn eagle, skull and edelweiss. The imitaion silk lining is marked 56 and the half-sweatband appears to have the faintest remnants of the "Qualitats Marke" stamp, indicating Clemens Wagner production.  





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