SS Cloth and Metal Insignia (Click here Uniforms, Hats and Accoutrements)


Updated 20 January. Ci100, Rare Embroidered Camo Sleeve Rank--SS Ostuf. Ci99, another incredibly rare Green Camo Eagle, this time for the Camo Cap; Ci97, Phenomenally Rare Green Camo Sleeve Eagle HOLD; Ci93, Excellent Kubanschild; Ci92, nice Reichsfuhrer-SS Bevo Cufftitle; Ci91 Vet Provenanced Hohenstaufen Cufftitle! HOLD


All items pictured here are guaranteed original and come with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  




Large quantity of SS insignia and cloth. Pictures and full price information Below  





  • ci100 Waffen-SS Obersturmfuhrer Camouflage Sleeve Rank. This is a nicer quality embroidered rank patch, with machine sewn rank bars and embroidered oakleaf. It has been removed from a tunic sleeve. There are remnants of glue on the back, possibly from mounting on paper. 450 USD

  • ci99 Another Phenomenally Rare Green Camouflage SS Cap Eagle. One look mint beauty, slightly harder to find pattern. 1600 USD

  • ci98 Infantry Regiment List Wound Badge in Black with Award Document. 390 USD

  • ci97 Phenomenally Rare Green Camouflage SS Sleeve Eagle. HOLD 1900 USD

  • ci95 Mint KVK with wrapper. 80 USD

  • ci94 SS 8-Year Long Service Medal in Miniature. Very nice, mint condition and full ribbon. 450 USD

  • ci93 Kuban Shield. Unused condition, nice quality, rare. USD 395

  • ci92 Reichsfuhrer-SS BeVo Cufftitle. Very nice, mint condition and full length C/T, ends not sewn. 1500 USD

  • ci91 Famous 101st Vet Bringback Hohenstaufen Cufftitle. This title is uniform removed and was brought back by the famous Jewish immigrant US GI, Charles Wahler, "The Bastogne Kid." The accompanying pictures are some of the pages from the booklet put together by Bill Shea and Paul J, based on an amazing and rare assemblage of SS and other relics brought back from the Berghof by this amazing gentleman / soldier. The cufftitle is pictured in the grouping brought back by Wahler. A rare and highly desirable SS title, with impeccable provenance. HOLD for SB 1600 USD

  • ci90 Beautiful SS Visor Cap Skull and Eagle Set. Matching condition Deschler Skull and Assmann style Eagle, both in Feinzinc. SOLD 1700 USD

  • ci1 Mint TK Infantry Regiment Theodor Eicke Cuffband. Perfect, textbook BeVo example. SOLD 2200 USD

  • ci2 Nice Mid-war steel SS enlisted buckle 550
  • ci3 Nicer example of a steel SS enlisted buckle, most of the silver wash intact SOLD 600
  • ci4 Rare, early SS-associated brass and nickel silver swaskika buckle, maker marked 600
  • ci5 Nice condition Nahkampfspange in bronze, SOLD 380
  • ci6 Nice EK I by Wachtler and Lange, worn but decent SOLD 370


  • ci7 Single SS-Artillery or Stug shoulder strap, earlier style, with cypher SOLD
  • ci8 Single SS-Artillery or Stug shoulder strap, also an early one with black backing, with cypher SOLD
  • ci10 SS-VT Skull Button with ring by Deschler, with S ring for attachment (RZM-63) SOLD $325
  • ci11 Waffen SS M-40 Panzer cap near mint Lg. Size SOLD $4400
  • ci12 Allg/VT Parade Belt, private purch SOLD
  • ci13 Allg/VT Nickel EM Buckle OLC (came on belt above) SOLD $745
  • ci14 Chrome JFS Wartime Allg/Waffen Parade Buckle SOLD $1150
  • ci15 1st Pattern SS Junior NCO's sword portepee SOLD $545
  • ci16 Allg SS.Waffen SS.VT SS NCO Chinstrap+buttons SOLD $299




  • Allg SS Leader Shoulder strap $455
  • ci17 Allg SS Manner Shoulder strap SOLD $235
  • ci18 Mint SS Obergruppenfuhrer screw on collar tab SOLD $3490
  • ci19 SS Officer uniform removed collar tab set SOLD $1600
  • ci20 SS-TV Horizontal bullion Skull Tab Other Ranks SOLD $2495
  • ci21 SS RZM Pattern embroidered TK Skull tab SOLD $500
  • ci22 SS Soldbuch Hunyadi Division SOLD $425
  • ci23 SS Infantry Lt. 'silk' Piped slip on straps SOLD $630
  • ci24 SS cap eagle alumi intact, all 3 prongs fine SOLD $775
  • Green Bevo Camo Skull SOLD $1750
  • ci25 Bevo Tropical Camo skull SOLD $235
  • ci26 SS Pz Bevo singl row teeth trapezoid SOLD $425
  • ci27 SS Offz Flatwire Bevo cap eagle SOLD $875
  • ci28 SS Offz Flatwire Bevo Sleeve eagle SOLD $990
  • SS EM Bevo cap skull ('fat skull') SOLD $485
  • ci29 SS EM Bevo cap eagle SOLD $375
  • ci30 SS Pz Bevo Dbl row teeth trapezoid SOLD $425
  • ci31 Allg SS Wool RZM Armband with tag SOLD $595
  • ci32 Reichsfuhrung SS RZM Cuffband SOLD $2200
  • ci33 Bevo Like 5th SS Panzer Div Wiking cuffband SOLD $2100
  • ci34 Bevo like SS 12th Panzer Hitlerjugend cuffband SOLD $4200
  • ci35 SS Mot. Inf Regiment Westland RZM Cuffband SOLD $1850
  • ci36 SS Grenz Polizei the only uniformed formation of the Gestapo. SOLD $1250
  • ci37 16 SS Pz gren Div Reichsfuhrer-SS bevo cuffband SOLD $1750
  • ci38 11 SS Vol Pz gren Div Nordland bevo cuffband SOLD $1875
  • ci39 17 SS Pz Gren Div Götz v.Berlichingen bevo cuffband SOLD $1875
  • ci40 SS Geb Regiment 11 Reinhard Heydrich bevo cuffband SOLD $1750
  • ci41 SS Cuffband SS-Feldgendarmerie bevo like SOLD $1550
  • ci42 SS polizei bevo cuffband SOLD $1485
  • ci43 1. SS-Frw Pz gren Div Horst Wessel bevo cuffband SOLD $985
  • ci44 SS Bau Einsatz-Ost RZM Cuffband SOLD $2700
  • ci45 SS Sports Insignia with Paper RZM Tag SOLD $295
  • ci46 SS NCO SS Patch German Gas Protection NCO SOLD $139
  • ci47 SS Early Quality sleeve rank pip SOLD $55
  • ci48 SS Sleeve Raute Diamond snake SOLD $120
  • ci49 SS Police EM Sleeve Raute SOLD $155
  • ci50 RARE EM SS Police pocket runes SOLD $675
  • ci51 Rare SS Police Sleeve Raute SOLD $685
  • ci52 Rare Variation Early Embroidered W-SS Sleeve Eagle SOLD $625
  • ci53 SS VT Embroidered RZM Eagle SOLD $875
  • ci54 SS wartime Embroidered RZM Eagle SOLD $875
  • ci55 SS Bevo 'Butter' widebody Trop sleeve eagle SOLD $145
  • ci56 SS Bevo SilvSilk widebody sleeve eagle SOLD $285
  • ci57 SS Bevo GraySilk thin body sleeve eagle Sold $240
  • ci58 Bevo Gray-Brn Silk thin body REMOVED sleeve eagle SOLD $320
  • ci59 RARE Bevo Oliv-Brn thin body sleeve eagle SOLD $265 (7 known)
  • ci60 Cut off Sleeve piece SOLD $655
  • ci61 RARE an ORIGINAL SS KZ Lager SS NCO Strap SOLD $650
  • ci62 Printed 1945 SS Sleeve Eagle $450 (one of two known)
  • ci63 Printed FINNISH Legion SS Sleeve shield SOLD $550 (one of 4 known)
  • ci64 Printed SS Sleeve Chevron SOLD $70
  • ci65 23 SS Pz GREN DIV NEDERLAND collar tab SOLD $345
  • ci66 29 SS Gren Div Russische nr.1 Collar Tab SOLD $275
  • ci67 SS Gren Div Russische nr.1 Collar Tab SOLD $275
  • ci68 11 Pz Gren Div Nordland Collar Tab SOLD $365
  • ci69 SS Gebirgs Sleeve Edelweiss SOLD$145
  • ci70 SS Gebirgs cap Edelweiss SOLD$145
  • ci71 SS Italy lot Sleeve shield and late It. RSI Tab SOLD $220
  • ci72 SS Polizei Postcard SOLD $46
  • ci73 SS Captain Postcard SOLD $62
  • ci74 SS NCO Postcard SOLD $55
  • ci75 SS EM VT mann Postcard $50
  • ci76 SS NCO Postcard $62
  • ci77 SS M.G. Trumpeter PK label $46
  • ci78 Large Photo TK Rgt 6 Mann $69
  • ci79 Cover from SS Kav Im Osten $78
  • ci80 SS Color print of Sepp Dietrich SOLD $75 (Buckle just for scale)
  • ci81 Large SS Prints .. Gray o'seas $69
  • ci82 SS Print Gray VT helm Natl shield SOLD $69
  • ci83 #2 SS Print Gray VT Helm Natl shield $69
  • ci84 SS2 Colonel Print Black Helm SOLD $75
  • ci85 Large SS Prints .. Black o'seas $69
  • ci86 SS Print phantom helm /face $45
  • ci87 SS Print facing right $45
  • ci88 SS Print facing left $45


    ci89 Luftwaffe Pin-on Breast Eagles. $ 350 each