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Updated 17 Maay, some nice additions! SS Armband and Stick Pin, Skulls, Eagles and more. Scroll down for new listings.


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Large quantity of SS insignia and cloth. Pictures and full price information Below  

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  • ci111 Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT Armband. Good condition with nice tag and white ink stamp inside. Mothing to the back and a little on the front. 375 USD

  • ci112 Excellent SS Membership Stick Pin. Nicely hallmarked--a real one! 385 USD

  • ci110 Excellent Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze, Hollow Back. 375 USD

  • ci109 Beautiful Deschler Skull for Visor Cap, Cupal. SOLD 1175 USD

  • ci108 SS-VT side cap skull button in feldgrau. Slightly used, Nice looking insignia. 340 USD

  • ci107 Waffen-SS visor cap eagle, very nice condition, missing a prong. SOLD USD

  • ci106 SS-VT side cap skull button in feldgrau. Excellent condition. SOLD USD

  • ci105 Waffen-SS Officer's earlier style bullion sleeve eagle, uniform removed. SOLD USD

  • ci103 Waffen-SS Enlisted man's Transport / Nachschub Shoulder Boards. Minty, matching, no issues. 475 USD

  • ci104 Early Swastika Pattern SS Blackshirt Belt Buckle. Brass and nickel construction, excellent condition, hallmarked. 675 USD

  • ci101 Waffen-SS Enlisted man's / NCO's belt buckle. Worn condition, steel with silver wash, excellent for combat display. SOLD475 USD

  • ci102 Waffen-SS Enlisted man's / NCO's belt buckle. Worn condition, steel with silver wash, excellent for combat display. 460 USD

  • ci100 Waffen-SS Obersturmfuhrer Camouflage Sleeve Rank. This is a nicer quality embroidered rank patch, with machine sewn rank bars and embroidered oakleaf. It has been removed from a tunic sleeve. There are remnants of glue on the back, possibly from mounting on paper. 450 USD

  • ci99 Another Phenomenally Rare Green Camouflage SS Cap Eagle. One look mint beauty, slightly harder to find pattern. 1600 USD

  • ci98 Infantry Regiment List Wound Badge in Black with Award Document. 390 USD

  • ci95 Mint KVK with wrapper. 80 USD

  • ci94 SS 8-Year Long Service Medal in Miniature. Very nice, mint condition and full ribbon. 450 USD

  • ci93 Kuban Shield. Unused condition, nice quality, rare. USD 395

  • ci92 Reichsfuhrer-SS BeVo Cufftitle. Very nice, mint condition and full length C/T, ends not sewn. SOLD 1350 USD

  • ci91 Famous 101st Vet Bringback Hohenstaufen Cufftitle. This title is uniform removed and was brought back by the famous Jewish immigrant US GI, Charles Wahler, "The Bastogne Kid." The accompanying pictures are some of the pages from the booklet put together by Bill Shea and Paul J, based on an amazing and rare assemblage of SS and other relics brought back from the Berghof by this amazing gentleman / soldier. The cufftitle is pictured in the grouping brought back by Wahler. A rare and highly desirable SS title, with impeccable provenance. SOLD 1600 USD



    ci89 Luftwaffe Pin-on Breast Eagles. $ 350 each