SS Cloth and Metal Insignia (Click here Uniforms, Hats and Accoutrements)


2 June 2016, Price Update! Including Beautiful SS Cloth Insignia with some new very reasonaprices Contact: kellyhicks@hotmail.com



All items pictured here are guaranteed original and come with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Cloth and Metal Insignia Section


See Below for great insigs!







SS BeVo runic collar tab. New Price $ 340  





Luftwaffe Pin-on Breast Eagles. $ 350 each  



Nice pair of later war Bevo SS runes and rank tab. USD SOLD 450  


Matching set of SS Panzer enlisted shoulderboards. Minty. USD HOLD 600  



Beautiful SS Officer's Collar Tab, bullion, mint, with RZM tag. USD 1100 SOLD  



Outstanding and Rare, SS Totenkopf Officer bullion collar tab. Some mothing to reverse. Fine, rare example with tight, perfect embroidery. Long time in a deceased collector's grouping. Consignor just asked to close out his few remaining items. Now reduced to 1495. This is a 2500 tab. Act fast on this one! HOLD USD New Price 1495  





Rare SS-S Officer's Collar Tab, mint condition. SOLD USD New Price 1595 SOLD  



Super NCO SS2 SSVT Runic Tab, early tag! Sold USD 1500  

Matched set 1, removed from cap. M 1/52 TK and 155/35 Adler Sold USD  



Matched set of early SS Insignia, prongs complete, RZM M1/25. 975 USD  





SS Flatwire Ofz Bevo Sleeve eagle Uniform removed new price Sold USD  




SS Ofz. Bullion Sleeve Eagle New Price Sold USD  




EM Bevo Adolf Hitler Leibstandarte Division Cuffband Mint Sold USD  




Prinz Eugen RZM EM Cuffband Sold USD  



SS EM Rottenfuhrer Rank tab uniform removed. Sold USD  



Reichsfuhrung-SS EM shoulder straps with extremely rare light gray piping. Could also be for SS War Correspondent/photographer/reporter. Sold USD  




Shoulderstraps for SD Sicherungs Polizei and the uniformed SD with the rare black and silver tops Matching used pair Sold USD  



Excellent, super early round headed VT Sleeve Eagle, off a uniform SOLD 700 USD

Excellent SS-VT hammerhead eagle, off a uniform SOLD 600 USD

Bevo Sleeve Eagle, mint 300 USD

RZM pattern wartime Sleeve Eagles USD 300 each

Luftwaffe HG Panzer Division Breast Eagle, rare!, SOLD 300 USD

Tropical SS Bevo Skull, mint, 250 USD

Nederland Group (cuffband, collar tab, sleeve shield, mint)SOLD 1400 USD (a steal for this quality of insig)

Danish Volunteer Sleeve Shield, mint SOLD USD

Horst Wessel Division collar tab, once glued to board Sold USD

KL Guard last pattern collar tab, once glued to board Sold USD

Langemarck Trifos collar tab, mint SOLD USD

Latvian collar tab, mint 350 USD

Bevo pattern SS enlisted runic tab, mint, SOLD 400 USD

Very rare foreign made SS cap eagle, RZM style, mint, Available 375 USD

Afrika cuffband, mint and nice, SOLD USD




Killer Totenkopf horizontal early bullion enlisted / nco collar tab. Piping is the narrower variety. This tab has the stitching signifying number removal and re-positioning of the skull. Super original piece. USD SOLD

Coastal Artillery Badge USD 300

Assortment of SS Cloth: Sleeve eagle still affixed to a piece of the sleeve USD 450; Beautiful Pink piped BeVo runic tab, uniform removed USD HOLD 800; SS Camo sleeve rank USD 75; SS BeVo tropica camo skull USD 375

Luft EM Buckle $135

Heer Tropical Buckle $175

Luft Blue Steel Buckle $155

Wehrmannschaften Buckle $550

Rare Camo Ground combat jacket strap... $245HOLD

Bevo RFSS Title ... $1450

Horst Wessel ... $1130

Nederland bevo .. $2000

Rare SS War reporter bevo $2850

SS trop single chev .. $60

SS Dbl chevron with stern $100

SS Single Chevron $70

Panzer Bevo cap eagle $90

Panzer Bevo Cap roundel $65

Steuerman Insignia on light twill rare SOLD $75

Metal Mountain Flower $45

Cloth Para Badge $245

Mint Bronze General Assault badge $275

Afrika title ..$345SOLD

Jagd Udet Title fur Offz ... $365

Wire Bevo Heer Eagle $70

Army Bullion Wreath ... $80

Black Wound $60

Ostturkmennen title $500



SS Bullion Sleeve Eagle, has paper template unterlagen, beautiful eagle, SOLD

SS Rank tab late war pip $125

SS Sleeve Patch for mountain troop $135

SS Officer Bullion Runes Tab $875 SOLD

Early VT SS NCO or Officer Offset Runes tab off tunic. $995 SOLD

SS cap Patch for mountain troop $135

SS Cotton/Linen Sleeve Rank Patch $45


Insignia Grouping Number Two

Earlier pattern bullion SS Sleeve Eagle, Silvered bullion is tarnishing ... $1100

SS Bevo Horst Wessel........ $1050

SS Bevo Reinhard Heydrich ....... $850

SS flatwire Bevo Border Security (Gestapo Uniformed Branch).....(Grenz Polizei) $1350

Combat Boot Knife ..... $295  


Insignia Grouping Number Three

SS Nordland Tab .... 355

SS Latvia Nr 1.... $335

Skanderbeg... $320

Horst Wessel.... $335

Italian RSI Post 1943 Tab... $225

Italian SS Legion Tab... $245

Latvia Shield $175

Estonia Shield $185

Russian 29th? Cross $299

Temporary Concentration Camp Guards $225

Dutch Legion Shield $185

Italian Legion Shield $155

Albanian Shield $195    

Insignia Grouping Number Four

SS Communications EM Shoulder strap matching Rayon Piped Pair $275

SS Mid war Embroidered Sleeve Eagle $320

SS Mid war Silver Gray Bevo Sleeve Eagle $355

Alg/VT Skull Cap Button HOLD $355

SS late war Embroidered Sleeve Eagle $255

Alg/VT Skull Cap Button, with ring $255

SS Original Late War Printed Chevron $89  


Insignia Grouping Number Five

4 varieties SS Bevo Camou Tropical eagles. Each $139  


Grouping Number Six

Heer Afrika Korps Billed field cap, $1985 (More pictures will be provided in the Cloth Headgear section)

Waffwn SS Camou field cap, dead mint factory removed condition (More pictures will be provided in the Cloth Headgear section) $5500

SS EM Steel buckle $565

Original German Combat Goggles $200

K-98 Ammo Pouch $48 Rb Late Patt

K-98 Ammo Pouch $48 Early type

K-98 Ammo Pouch $48 RB Nr. Late type

K-98 Ammo Pouch $48 War time code maker      


2. 18th Div. "Horst Wessel" set, mint NEW PRICE USD 1100  

5. "Reinhard Heydrich" BeVo cuff title, mint NEW PRICE USD 1000  

6. "SS Polizei Division"BeVo cuff title, mint USD 1900  

7. "Allgemeine" EM / NCO cuff title for HQ, USD SOLD  

10. Medical Untersharfuhrer boards, mint HOLD 300