SS Cloth and Metal Insignia (Click here Uniforms, Hats and Accoutrements)


Updated 12 October, More Excellent Skulls ! Attention: More insignia coming, and ... a lot of fine Medals and TK rings (small preview below) will be listed in coming days / weeks, stay tuned!


All items pictured here are guaranteed original and I offer my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  





Large quantity of SS insignia and cloth. Pictures and full price information Below

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  • Ci144 Deschler Cupal Skull. Correct in every way, beautiful cupal piece. High condition example. 1450 USD

  • Ci145 Deschler Cupal Skull. Correct in every way, used, sharp cupal piece. Finish-worn example. HOLD SB 1300 USD

  • Ci146 Nice General Assault 25 by JFS. Correct in every way, used, handsome piece. Great example. 2100 USD

  • Ci143 Superb single LAH Cipher. Correct in every way, a real beauty! Vetted carefully, only flaw is one pin missing. High condition example. HOLD 1180 USD

  • Ci142 Excellent Nahkampfspange in Bronze... strong finish remaining, great example. SOLD 380 USD

  • Ci141 Fine, early cupal Deschler Skull. Excellent finish, full prongs, well marked... fine, subltle edge patina, superb. HOLD for JP 1370 USD

  • Ci140 Fine, early cupal Zimmerman Skull. Full finish,full prongs, well marked... superb. HOLD for JP 1355 USD

  • Cijr Mint Waffen-SS BeVo runic tab. SOLD 425 USD

  • Ci139 Sharp Overhoff Skull and Eagle Set, excellent finish remaining, no prongs. Very nice cupal skull and feinzinc eagle ! SOLD 950 USD

  • Ci128 Minty SS Marksmanship Qualification 'Sharpshooter' Level Sleeve Raute. Tagged, beautiful. This is not a common raute! 370 USD

  • Ci127 Mint BeVo Waffen-SS enlisted sleeve eagle. 320 USD

  • Ci126 Service used Pair of tunic removed Waffen-SS Ostuf Collar Tabs. These are not a matched set, but came this way from the same source and appear compatible in patina and wear. The runes have light oxidizing patina on a portion of the left rune. The rank tab shows commensurate wear. The loose threads that remain on them from the tunic are also compatible. They go together nicely for display, but I can sell them individually or as a set. For the set,SOLD 1200 USD;

  • Ci125 Exquisite cap-removed bullion Waffen-SS officer's cap eagle. This is a textbook example of a rare piece of SS cloth insignia. 875 USD

  • Ci124 Tunic removed Sicherheitsdienst sleeve diamond. Has been crudely mounted on a display board. Still presentable for display. SOLD 200 USD

  • Ci118 Tunic removed Waffen-SS Camouflage Sleeve Rank. Printed variety, shows service use and sun fading. SOLD 320 USD

  • Ci117 Waffen-SS Officer's Camouflage Sleeve Rank, excellent quality. 300 USD

  • Ci116 Nice Jaeger boards for an SS-Unterscharfuhrer. Excellent condition, all correct. SOLD USD

  • Ci123 Mint Waffen-SS Bevo style runic collar tab, a fine example. 425 USD

  • Ci122 Rare and Beautiful Strip of BeVo Skulls. These are the larger 'fat skulls' and have a great appeal. One left! SOLD 675 USD Each,

  • Ci115 Outstanding Deschler Skull, earlier production. Very nice specimen, complete. SOLD 1100 USD

  • Ci114 Stunning SS-Ustuf/ Tabs, matched pair, tagged, Mint. 1600 USD

  • Ci120 Excellent Waffen-SS Enlisted RZM Pattern Runic Shield. Uniform removed, light service use, tagged. SOLD 575 USD

  • ci113 Fine Pair of SS-Standartenfuhrer Tabs, later pattern. Beautiful matched set, basically mint. HOLD 1550 USD

  • ci112 Outstanding Pair of Waffen-SS Ustuf. Collar Tabs. This matched pair are beautiful bullion on moleskin construction, mid-war quality, with white rayon edging instead of bullion twist. Uniform removed, RZM tagged, service used.. stunning. SOLD 1400 USD

  • ci108 SS-VT side cap skull button in feldgrau. Slightly used, Nice looking insignia. 340 USD

  • ci103 Waffen-SS Enlisted man's Transport / Nachschub Shoulder Boards. Minty, matching, no issues. 475 USD

  • ci104 Early Swastika Pattern SS Blackshirt Belt Buckle. Brass and nickel construction, excellent condition, hallmarked. 675 USD

  • ci102 Waffen-SS Enlisted man's / NCO's belt buckle. Worn condition, steel with silver wash, excellent for combat display. 460 USD

  • ci100 Waffen-SS Obersturmfuhrer Camouflage Sleeve Rank. This is a nicer quality embroidered rank patch, with machine sewn rank bars and embroidered oakleaf. It has been removed from a tunic sleeve. There are remnants of glue on the back, possibly from mounting on paper. 450 USD

  • ci98 Infantry Regiment List (Hitler's old Regiment) Wound Badge in Black with Award Document. 390 USD

  • ci95 Mint KVK with wrapper. 80 USD

  • ci94 SS 8-Year Long Service Medal in Miniature. Very nice, mint condition and full ribbon. 450 USD

  • ci93 Kuban Shield. Unused condition, nice quality, rare. USD 395



    ci89 Luftwaffe Pin-on Breast Eagles. $ 350 each