Show of Shows 2020 Review

The show of shows was really great this year. I have gone to at least 20 of them and this one had the best activity level I’ve seen. There were not only the dealers and collectors interacting busily, but also the public crowds were bigger than usual, and the walk-ins of helmets were outstanding! Ty got a great combat helmet with a great history, Robert got a mint blackie, and so did I! There were enough artifacts to go around for sure. Also, there were a great group of veterans, and Erik and Cheryl did a fine job as usual ensuring their distinguished 506th sponsoree had good interactions with the many respectful visitors. I encourage all of you who can, to attend the SOS as much as possible. It’s definitely one of the world’s premier collector shows!

Be sure to check out my brief presentation segment on the youtube link in the featured helmets section. I hope you enjoy it and that you all have a great spring ahead! And–be sure to check out my update from this past weekend, thanks! KH

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