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WWII US Navy Fixed Bale M1 Helmet, Westinghouse Liner, Early 1942 Production


Here is an early production United States Navy M1 helmet with a Lot# of 291B by McCord. Paint still retains its original factory corking while painted over in a light Navy Blue for use at sea. It also retains its original OD3 Khaki straps and early fixed bale connectors … rarely seen as they were often replaced over time.  Grease and Oil are still evident on the straps as often is the case in helmets that were long at Sea. This helmet has a great untouched, unmessed with look. The marking of “85” is painted on the front and shows nice micro cracking (see pic). The meaning of the “85” probably relates to a gun position aboard the ship or a rack number. The Westinghouse liner, painted in its original matte olive drab paint, retains its original WWII production leather chinstrap. A great piece of US Navy History and an untouched piece. This helmet was found in France. No other background given. COA accompanies.

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