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WWI US VET Art Artillery Helmet, Uniform, Gas Mask



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This is a recently woodwork-acquired WWI identified veteran grouping, consisting of Vet art helmet, jacket, hat and gas mask. A wonderful set that has stayed together for over 100 years, featuring a Camo/Veteran art helmet commemorating battery A 47th artillery CAC. Helmet is dated 1918 with painted eagle and flags with abbreviation “AEF” (Allied Expeditionary Force). Helmet is complete with veteran made chinstrap and liner that is still partially connected by leather strap. Jacket consists and artillery/chevron rank patches that does exhibit some mothing wear and a few loose buttons. Gas mask is named to Sgt FW Plenge(identified as Fred Plenge) along with matching unit markings. Gas mask itself is in brittle condition. Wonderful WWI display for any collection. COA accompanies. 

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