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HOLD (JD) Winter Camo Heer M40 Helmet from Russia


This is a fine original example of a single decal Heer M40 combat helmet, camouflaged for Winter with white paint, and in heavy service used and extreme storage conditions. The helmet is from an old collection and shows signs of having the liner in and out, ostensibly for cleaning or stabilizing of the interior. The white paint shows service use and weathering, as well as storage age. The full Heer shield is covered but clearly present at a high percentage underneath the camo finish. Original winter camos are very rare to find and are one of the most widely faked types. Condition is also usually an issue because many were lost in the snow during campaigns and would lay out until discovered after the thaw. This one shows signs of that type of recovery. Overall a highly collectible example of an iconic heer camouflage helmet. Specifications are ET62 with legible heat lot number (4995?) in the rear skirt (see pictures). COA accompanies.

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