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Well-used SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35


This helmet is a story in itself of how much use most SS helmets were subjected to during their service life. First as a feldgrau ET 64 factory issue double decal, this helmet then saw use as a black M35 worn during parades with the black uniform. Since it is a combat shell and not a transitional or civic style, the likelihood of being SS-VT is strong. It was once again repurposed for wear with the feldgrau uniform by the addition of another coat of feldgrau, this time the bluish-grey glossy finish, which can be seen in the scuffs, as well as fully on the underside skirt. Lastly, the outside was finished in the milky-grey flat finish. In each case of repaint, the helmet was furnished with a new set of decals. The outermost party shield was covered over, but the runes remained exposed. They are classic CA Pocher runes, unit level or field applied. Because of the scarcity of supplies and armaments, this is the condition of most SS VT period helmets, showing the multiple uses they underwent prior to the SS being formally a part of the Wehrmacht supply system (beginning ~1942 on a wide scale). Other features include a battle damage area (bullet or shrapnel glancing strike). The liner in this helmet is a replacement, itself a former Norwegian liner. Luckily the band and rivets are original and unmolested, leaving the possibility of restoration of a correct liner by a future owner. Priced accordingly. COA with noted caveats accompanies.

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