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RESERVED (dw) Well Used Luftwaffe Droop Tail M35


This is a substantially service used example of the Luftwaffe M35 with ‘droop tail’ eagle, from the 1938-39 period, similar to the other ET62, but with some differences. This helmet has a 4101 heat lot number, and double ply liner band, which more point toward the second style adler, but still shows the first style droop tail. A slight nuance but interesting nonetheless. The helmet overall shows medium to heavy service use, with some daubed feldgrau spots that appear to have been utilitarian in nature– to keep the helmet serviceable possibly. The national shield shows flaking to the lacquer — age and sun do this. The liner is dark but well intact, and the strap is absent. A decent example with a lot of character, named to “Erich Schmidt.” COA accompanies.

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