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Well Service Used Waffen-SS Panzer M43 Cap


I first owned this cap 47 years ago, having obtained it from a friend in Pennsylvania who was an outstanding relic hunter and often purchased items directly from veterans or their families. I traded the cap in 1982 and saw it again in about 2010, at which time my close friend had found it. It then went to another advanced collection, and is now available once again for sale. The cap shows extensive service use, with some repairs and sun fading to the visor. The Reichs Betreib-numbered interior and the underside of the flaps show extra material used in the manufacture process, such as quilting to the lining and full body material lining to the underneath of the flaps. The cap eagle is affixed to the side flap by machine; the skull is hand applied to the front. This cap is virtually unaltered since I first saw it, and is a true battle cap of the Waffen-SS. COA accompanies.

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