Waffen-SS Tunic, LAH

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This combat tunic is a very interesting and unique piece, rank of SS-Rottenfuhrer, and badged to the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler. It is pictured in Mike Beaver’s ‘Uniforms of the SS.’ The consignor reports that he obtained this tunic from the ruptured duck some years ago. In hand, this is a very original appearing authentic service used piece. It bears the depot stamp ‘SS-BW’ and interestingly, the lower case ‘t’ indicating issue by the Trawnicki SS training depot. There are many alterations and changes in the design of the tunic reflecting a Progressive Field repair or Rehabilitation of this piece at some point in its life. I have seen many examples of combat tunics with their upper breast Pockets replaced due to the wear and tear of keeping things in those pockets and taking them in and out. The collar is also field replaced and appears to have been an m-44 style color as it has the tab and button configuration underneath. There are stitch lines that tailor the back of the tunic, running vertically and are using the same thread as the collar is applied with. The Insignia appear wartime applied and untouched, including the Bevo Adolf Hitler cuff title. This interesting and heavily service used piece reflects the materials and the look and feel of an SS soldier in the later stages of the war. Sale includes my COA.

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