Waffen-SS Totenkopf M35 Grave Helmet

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This unique helmet is in my view one that has been used as a grave marker for a period of time before being souvenired by a US GI and brought home. The helmet is a Q66 in the 1138 heat lot number range. I have handled Quist M35s in the 1140 range, and they were identical in treatment: Zinc coated brass liner retaining rivets, medium slate grey-green feldgrau finish, double Quist narrow pattern runic and party shields, and a 1938 liner. I believe the strap reads 1939. The helmet has a weathered paint finish and a noticeably weather shrunken liner, plus a ballistic projectile piercing and exit, from left to right in the upper frontal area of the shell. If the soldier, SS-Rottf. Petzlberger was wearing this helmet at the time of impact, he would have been finished. This overall condition and feature is what leads me to conclude possibly burial marker use for this piece. The other incredible dimension to this helmet is its exceptional hand painted inscription. “SS-T Nachr. Rttf. Petzlberger, Josef.” This name is completely researchable and uniquely well preserved. COA accompanies sale.

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