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RESERVED Waffen-SS Tan Camouflage M40 Helmet


This helmet is a Q66 Single decal M40, #DN262 or 282– in either case, the heat lot number lines up with Waffen-SS contract numbers in the Ice reference book. This combined with the in-hand viewing of the helmet gives me a solid level of assurance that it is SS. The factory finish is the typical medium texture Quist Schiefergrau (in feldgrau, not LW), and there is the shield outline in relief on the right side under the tan camo outer finish. This tan scheme is sprayed on, and still covers more than 90% of the helmet. There are signs of light to moderate service wear throughout, and the chinstrap is missing.  Helmets like this would have been used by the SS in the Italian theater, by both RFSS division, the LAH, and potentially by the einsatzgruppen charged with the actions of ‘Operation Reinhard’ in the Trieste area and north of there. An historic and cool helmet. COA accompanies.


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