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Waffen-SS Single Decal M40 BATTLE DAMAGE Helmet, Q64

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This is a single decal Waffen-SS battle damaged helmet, by Quist, size 64. The helmet retains a lot of finish and a strong decal. The liner is weak, with age and wear. The shell has a bullet strike, distinctive by its round punch-through of the steel. Upon looking at entry and exit it appears to be possibly a .30 caliber round that penetrated helmet.US soldiers were equipped with the M1 Garand rifle, which was 30.06 caliber. The fact that the round had the velocity to pass clean through indicates likely an M1 shot. This shot would have killed the soldier if he was wearing the helmet. The high entry and low exit angles also suggest the shot came from an elevated position, such as a sniper’s roost.  A serious war trophy. COA accompanies.

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