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HOLD (fvz) Waffen-SS Second Pattern Blurred-Edge Smock


This Waffen-SS Camouflage Smock is a very good condition example that shows substantial service use and wear. The camo pattern is the scarcer ‘blurred edge.’ The spring side shows sun and weather fading to the colors, but still retains strength to the material. There are minor field repairs and some snags. The areas where the camouflage loops existed but were removed can still be seen, and are obviously period modifications due to the commensurate patina and fading. The autumn side shows slightly more vivid colors, which also show some weathering and fading. The pocket flaps show very vivid colors underneath on each side. The edging of the collar and neck are overprinted plain tree swatches. All in all a very solid example that would make a great combat SS Grenadier display. Sale includes COA


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