SOLD (mw) Waffen-SS Relic Helmet from Demjansk Pocket



This helmet was purchased in the early ’00s by David M, who focused particularly on Totenkopf relics when the battlefield digs started in Russia. Unfortunately when he passed, any paperwork accompanying some items was lost, and such is the case with this one. When I viewed his collection in years past, I recall this one as reportedly being from a batch of Demjansk- dug helmets he had purchased. The helmet is a Q66, heat lot 664, and shows three layers of paint– a very common trait with SS M35s as we know. This shows the progression from SS-VT period issue, then blackened for parade use, then re-painted feldgrau for field use. As such, many helmets worn in combat by the SS-VT / Waffen-SS in the Westfeldzug and in Russia, were this configuration. Although a relic, the paint layers and decal layers are clearly visible. For the individual who wants a piece of the actual history of a specific battlefield, this kind of thing is it. Priced accordingly.

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