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SOLD (ib) Waffen-SS Officer’s Tunic, Re-badged as Totenkopf


This tunic is a private purchase item, of field quality, with the popular look and feel of the M40 tunic with a droop-tail collar added. This tunic has been badged as an SS-Obersturmfűhrer of signals, belonging to the SS-Totenkopf Standart “Thuringen.”  In terms of insignia, it features an original officer’s flatwire ,Thuringen’ title (not a likely title to appear on a combat uniform); a fine example of an RZM 153 Contractor’s pattern bullion skull tab, upgraded with officer piping and appearing to be tunic-removed. The rank tab is adorned with a reproduction litze and pips. The boards are Waffen-SS officer boards, rank of SS-Ostuf., with correct black underlay and lemon-yellow piping. They, along with the tabs, show having been off of other garments, with evident stitch lines on all. The sleeve eagle appears correct as one of many patterns of bullion observed in period use. It is also re-applied. The overall condition of the garment and insignia is excellent, and it is priced accordingly, as a parts item.

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