Waffen-SS M43 Cap

SKU: Uars14


This cap is a great example of the two glass button front closure contract style. The wool is the German material, found on 1943 and some earlier 1944 issue M43s. The BeVo skull is factory machine applied above the button closure; the side flap has the thread outline where the BeVo eagle had been. There is also a cut in the fabric at the eagle’s wing area. The inside features a feldgrau cotton lining, with RB markings and some Czech property markings as well. The consignor obtained this from Grenadier in past decades, along with the NCO visor that is listed. A cap-removed BeVo eagle can be offered with this cap at an additional cost if the purchaser wishes to collect the correct insignia to go along with the cap. A nice piece overall, priced accordingly.

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