Waffen-SS M42 Former Whitewash Camo

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This EF M42  Is a great example of an M42 combat helmet that appears to have had a whitewash finish both inside and out. This can be seen by the remnants of the whitewash and also the scrub marks in areas of the paint to remove the whitewash. The age patina is on top of this, indicating no recent scrubbing since the period removal of the whitewash. That as this CA Pocher Runic shield on the right side also appears to bear remnants of the whitewash, as well as some stressing and crackling from whitewash removal and general service use. In my estimation, the decal may have been added in the field; however EF was known to use the CA Pocher Runic shield since their M35 days, also without glue or lacquer, which is also the case with this shield.  The original untouched liner shows some shrinkage and stitch separation and the chin strap appears completely original to of the helmet. A very interesting helmet with a lot of original service use appeal and priced well. COA accompanies purchase.

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