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HOLD (gg) Waffen-SS M42 Foreign Volunteer Combat Helmet by EF


This is the iconic EF produced M42 helmet, (size 64 shell) that was widely issued in 1943 onwards for Ukranian, Hungarian, Dutch, Flemish, Bosnian and other Waffen-SS divisions raised in occupied countries by Gottlob Berger. EF had produced a sizeable contract for M42 polizei helmets, which had already been issued throughout the ‘Eastern Peoples’ units, called ‘schutzmannschaften.’ When Himmler standardized these into the SS in 1943, they were equipped and badged accordingly, including the issue of CA Pocher runic shields to place over the police shield on their helmets. This is one of those. It had been in the attic of the veteran family until obtained by a helmet collector in the northeast. It shows signs of substantial service use, combined with age wear and patina. The decals are in excellent shape, and the polizei wing and wreath can be seen peeking out through a chip out of the runic shield. The helmet bears the surname ‘Helms’ in the rear skirt. I do not know if that is the name of the volunteer, or the GI who brought the helmet back. Overall a fine, collectible Waffen-SS helmet, full of history and character. COA accompanies.

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