(dc)Waffen-SS M40, Woodwork Fresh

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This is a killer, woodwork fresh Waffen-SS (Q66 #10033) M40, with whitewash remnants. The helmet shows the Quist light texture schiefergrau of the earlier M40 production, along with late 1939 Quist dark green color scheme liner retaining rivets, showing early M40 issue. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet. The liner bears two names, ‘Hendr–uk-something, (not Henderson) and ‘Jdel’ (the J being pronounced as an I in this case). The Quist pattern runic shield is mostly intact, beneath the dusky layer of whitewash remnant, and untouched, uncleaned ‘Vet dust.’ Just an outstanding piece. The name ‘JB Reid’ is visible in the front of the helmet–possibly the second owner’s mark. A fine, large and combat steeped helmet. COA accompanies.

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