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(b.s.)Waffen-SS M35 Camo Helmet from Norway


This helmet is actually a monochrome camouflage rather than a re-issue. It is an SS Q64 M35, used in Norway and camouflaged as describedbelow. I sold it several years ago to the current owner, and this is the wording from my original listing, for reference: “This helmet was sourced recently in Norway by a picker, and has never been in a collection– straight out of the “woodwork”. The helmet is a Q64 with a heat lot number 2922, which is listed as Waffen-SS in the Ice reference. The helmet appears to have two finishes, including the underlying factory finish, and an additional layer of paint that bears CA Pocher SS and party shields. It has also been whitewashed, as can be seen at the rivets and the inside crimp. Lastly, a top finish of subdued, flat camouflage medium grey paint finishes the layers. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet and show a similar untouched appearance as the outside” Original drawstring included.” This is a fine SS camo, ready for the combat display. COA accompanies.


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