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SOLD (bs) Waffen-SS “Karelia” Battlefield Relic EF M42


This helmet was recently recovered from SS-,Nord’ battle positions (identified by a Nord motorcycle license plate found in situ) in the famous Karelia battlefield. The vicious fighting in the late stage of the war consumed many SS units and some famous commanders and personalities such as Alfred Arnold (son of Reichs Landesbauerfűhrer Arnold), whose grouping surfaced a number of years ago. Many bunkers, trenches and grave sites line the hills of Karelia. This helmet is an EF M42 judging by the obvious EF pattern shield which is in vivid and visible condition. The helmet overall is relic, with remnants of the liner band remaining. Only a small percentage of finish remains intact. A very historical piece, with strong display appeal! COA and miscellaneous site dig pictures accompany.

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