Waffen-SS Gebirgsjaeger M43 Tunic, SS-BW

SKU: Uadfgeb


This consigned piece is a super nice example of an M43 Waffen- SS-Gebirgsjaeger tunic, manufactured at Dachau. The material is the expected Italian ‘beutestoff’ with herringbone lining. It is well marked and has the correct SS-BW stamp. The matching RZM pattern tabs, boards, eagle — and hand applied Edelweiss are untouched original to the tunic. The rank tab (SS-Mann) has mothing on each side of it, resulting in some holes on each side but not the middle. The Tunic was in two collections, and also marketed at one point by The Ruptured Duck. Overall a very sharp, original Waffen-SS tunic, classic for the display. COA accompanies.


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