Sold Waffen-SS Gebirgsjaeger Combat Tunic, “Reinhard Heydrich”

SKU: jprsgrh

This is a fine, service and field used Waffen-SS Gebirgs Regiment ‘Reinhard Heydrich’ tunic. The M40 jacket appears to be SS contract in cut, with very faded but recognizable appropriate size markings. The tunic is badged to the rank of SS-Sturmmann (machine sewn RZM pattern tabs), and has loops for several awards. The cuffband is an RZM pattern, machine sewn. The bevo sleeve eagle is also machine sewn. The mountain troops edelweiss on the right sleeve is hand stitched. The tunic shows overall heavy wear and some minor field repairs here and there. A great piece of SS history for the SS Gebirgs collector.

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