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Waffen-SS Former Allgemeine-SS Combat Helmet


This is an outstanding and rare Waffen-SS helmet that started out as an SS-VT /Allgemeine-SS issue Black M-35, and ended up being given a coat of milky grey finish and used in combat. It consists of an ET62 late 1938 / early 1939 vintage issue M35,  with the addition of the black paint on the exterior and in the skirt for parade use; then decorated with Pocher decals atop the black finish. (Assuming ET or possibly factory Pocher decals on the factory finsh). Then, the helmet was repurposed for field use as did happen with these during the late VT – early Waffen period; consisting of an outer finish of feldgrau and a final set of pocher runic and party shields. This one shows the hasty field removal of the party shield, but runes being left intact. The liner and strap are untouched. The strap is a Carl Tesch and is presumably VA-SS marked, but that has faded over time. Very solid Waffen-SS combat helmet! Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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