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Waffen-SS Double Decal Helmet, Combat Service


This outstanding example was purchased by the current owner from SS Steel 8 years ago, and he has decided to sell it now. The old website description is shown here for reference on the specifications of the piece. It is a Q60 M35 with heat lot number (appears to be 811). The liner and strap are original untouched.  These helmets are some of the earliest M35s obtained by the SS when they show Heer decals underneath the CA Pocher type SS decals. Also in some instances they were obtained after some period of use, then decorated as SS. Regardless, the accompanying photo shows how SS-Heimwehr Danzig and its precursor organizations wore a variety of uniforms (Danzig Police with skull helmets, home guard with Heer helmets, and even an M35 with skull decal being worn). The more we learn about how the SS furnished its equipment from these unconventional sources, the more interesting this historic collecting becomes. The helmet itself tells a strong story of having been used long-term in a combat service environment, including a projectile strike to the left front visor scallop. One of a kind. COA accompanies.

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