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HOLD (ds) Veteran Provenanced LAH RZM Cufftitle


This is a fine and nearly full length, uniform removed rzm pattern cuff title for the LAH. The cufftitle came to me via a European friend, who obtained it from a friend of the SS veteran, whose name was Sommer. Accompanying pictures show the cuff title on the table with Herr Sommer; and a couple of portrait shots of him in uniform. Based on the photographs of Herr Sommer, he was definitely in the LAH. I have no other specific history on him. Whether this cuff band is the one in the picture or not is completely conjecture, but the title is certainly uniform removed and is missing about 1 and 1/2 inches of its length where the two ends were joined in the back. It is extraordinarily rare to get a nice artifact like this indirectly from the veteran who wore it, and it makes a great historic display piece for the Insignia collection. COA accompanies.


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