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Veteran Provenance Normandy Camo Paratrooper FJ Helmet!


Here is an exciting recent veteran find, direct from the family of the recently deceased veteran. The helmet is an M38 single decal early spanner FJ, ET68, with heat lot # 153. The helmet was factory issued as a single decal with the medium texture ET schiefergrau finish, then camouflaged in mostly tan with some green interspersed. The camo finish shows extensive wear and still retains about 30 to 40%. The decal also shows heavy wear and partially remains under the camo finish as well. There is one spanner missing at the right rear, either prior to bringback or sometime in the distant past, as the family remembers the helmet only being in this configuration. The interior is heavy worn and deteriorated, with partial leather and partial straps remaining. Accompanying this listing are photos of the veteran, Robert F. Metzger, receiving the French Legion of Honor medal, at a ceremony prior to his passing, as well as his obituary (link to the award ceremony article is pasted below). He landed at Normandy on the 8th of June, 1944 (D+2) as part of the quartermaster corps’ graves registration unit.  During the war, graves registrations’ mission is to recover and identify battlefield casualties–his family believes Mr. Metzger must have scooped this helmet from among the litter of one of the Normandy battlefields. A fine veteran bringback Normandy FJ trophy, with excellent provenance and context. Full COA of course.


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