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Veteran ID’d US Army Overcoat, Found Near Battlefield


This is a very interesting battlefield artifact, with a researchable name as laid out in the following narrative from the collector who submitted this coat:

“I received the coat from relatives living in the Wiltz area. Part of the family is from Clervaux, where there was another battle. I can’t say for sure which place it came from precisely. The US Keystone division was headquartered in Wiltz (Gen. Norman Cota) and retreated on 19 Dec 1944. The national road through Wiltz goes straight to Bastogne, which is why Wiltz was of strategic importance to the Germans.

The 110th Regiment was in Clervaux (Keystone division).
The soldier Arthur D. Jeffers, Army Serial Number 35711974 seems to have survived the war (not listed on Ohio KIA lists). Born in WV in 1923, his civilian occupation was “General Farmers”.  A resident of Gallia, Ohio, he was drafted on 8 Jan 1943 and enlisted at Fort Benjamin in Harrison, Indiana. I wasn’t able to find his unit. Given the general disarray of those days, he might have been with a unit other than 28 ID. It seems quite likely though that he was 28 ID. Arthur Jeffers’ spelling was not great. As you can see he had to correct his first name and wrote his last name “Jeffes” instead of “Jeffers”. Tells you something about the level of education in rural US in pre-war era. It would be very interesting to find out more about this young man who came to free us from tyranny.”
See the pictures for a screen capture of the soldier’s identity. As I mentioned, it could be possible to find more information on Jeffers, possibly where else he fought and if he in fact did make it back from the war. COA on request.

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