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SOLD (am) Veteran Family Acquired Waffen-SS Double Decal Helmet


This helmet was recently acquired from the grandson of the pictured veteran, who was an Artillery Major and Battalion commander in the Normandy Campaign. The helmet is a CKL66 M42 Heer single decal, repurposed for Waffen-SS and badged with a set of CA Pocher runic and party shields. The finish is excellent, showing the Pocher shields– and the Heer adler showing from underneath the flaked party shield. The adler being factory lacquered, has adhered well, whereas the party shield atop it, not being lacquered, has worn substantially. The SS runes are strong, and show steady service use and expected wear. The 1943 dated liner and strap are in excellent complete and untouched condition and visible dome stamp. The string is long missing, but nothing else is touched or cleaned or wiped off. It is untouched “woodwork family” condition. The family did not know any details about their grandfather, but his US Army enrollment card image and other information will be shared with the buyer, who will be able to trace his unit and history as a US Army combat officer. His picture is rather stylish, showing him in his steel pot, with pistol belt (and German pistol?) and ‘invasion inflatable belt’ above that. That is a Normandy piece of equipment, likely putting that picture at sometime very early in the Normandy campaign. COA accompanies.

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