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Veteran Art? or Factory / Auxiliary Helmet


This is a very unusual and unique helmet, that is in every appearance completely original to the World War ii era. The helmet is in semi-relic condition, having evidently sat in a facility or facility that had potentially been bombed or buried prior to the helmet being uncovered after many years. The way the patina and hardened calcified dirt and other items appear on the helmet, this reinforces that it sat for some time in a deserted condition. The Finish is a thickly applied light bluish-grey coating of paint, with a finely-rendered, stylized Nazi eagle in Germanic colors on the right side; and a tricolor in the Nazi colors on the left side. The tricolor shield is also stylized and very well rendered. (Both of these Insignia are hand rendered). I have handled many helmets in the past that were used either in factories or labor organizations, or some type of auxiliary unit of foreigners, who either stenciled or hand-painted some of their insignia. The Czechs did this, as well as other volunteers in occupied countries. It’s plausible that this might be a stylized version of a factory helmet from within Germany also. The helmet does not have a GI combat provenance, but does come from a very long-time Northeast United States collection. Very much and enigma, but very much an original Nazi- affiliated piece. COA accompanies.


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