SOLD (mw) Vet Bringback Waffen-SS M35 Combat Helmet

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This helmet is fresh from the veteran’s family and has not been passed around or collected. It bears the hallmarks of hard combat use, plus storage patina from the proverbial ‘vet’s garage.’ So much of the USA finds nowadays show the migration of war trophies from the mantle in the living room of the veteran, to the shed or storage area after the veteran passes. Eventually the families get around to selling these things off, as has happened in this case. The helmet is untouched, and has been in possession of the original owner, who is an old friend of the late Mike Beaver. There is an inscription inside that reads “Capt Oreo or Oredorff/Oredoff England /France.”  (**This may also actually say “Captured”..  the old inscription is difficult to read). COA accompanies.

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