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Very Special Hanhart Watch, Luftwaffe


This outstanding Hanhart watch, produced circa 1941, came from an East Coast estate years ago and the story was the items came out of a Luftwaffe base with the other items shown (flight suit, silverware, aviator’s wallet, etc). The watch has the original band which is impossible to find, and is the desirable coin bezel two button style, Luftwaffe pilots’ favored version. The watch was serviced by the owner (see invoice) and now and works excellently.  There are cheaper versions out there but the year and design and original band make this watch a standout (the band on it is a removable put on by the owner–the original is pictured alongside). The production year 1941 is the hardest year to obtain. A fine and rare Luftwaffe pilot display accoutrement! COA accompanies.

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