Very Service Used SS Combat M35 Helmet

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This one is from the same collection, and again features an early shell, with multiple layers of repaint, including a black finish right above the factory finish–and fully exposed black on the interior. This helmet has no doubt seen every corner of the Third Reich’s conflicts, starting in the earliest occupations of European countries. The helmet itself is an ET62, heat lot #3856. The two-ply liner is in good to very good condition and the chinstrap is in decent shape as well. The finish is worn, and in the areas of the decals, it almost appears as if the decals have been mildly exposed, but leaving a lot of paint still on them. In fact, there are layer after layer of decals visible, and the outermost shields are quite complete under the thin layer of residual paint. I will err on the side of caution and say that someone attempted to expose the decals at some point. Regardless, it is another piece with plenty of history. The price appropriately reflects the condition overall. COA on request.

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