Very Rare Waffen-SS M42 Reversed Decal Helmet

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30 Years ago my friend Alain showed me this helmet at the Max Show, and after about 20 years, I had the chance to own it for a few years. While I owned it, I particularly coveted it because not only is it in the foreign volunteer configuration, but it also has a police-style chinstrap. When SS helmets have these types of straps, it signifies the connection with the schutzpolizei, and therefore the Einsatzgruppen. When the foreign volunteer police formations were brought under SS operational control, we know that is when the CA Pocher runic shield was placed atop the police shield, as worn by so many foreign units in the SS thereafter. But some of these stayed within their police roles, conducting rear area operations against ‘enemies of the state’ and partisans. These troops would sometimes retain a police chinstrap thusly. The pictures show an eastern European name penned into the liner. There is another name, and a likely period rendered swastika also in ink, in the liner. A very historic and beautiful specimen. For the Latvian, Prinz Eugen, or Balkan foreign volunteer display. COA accompanies.

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