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US Navy E.T.O. and Pacific Veteran Bringback Grouping


This interesting grouping came recently from the family of Armand Jolly of Connecticut, whose obituary link is posted here (Obituary of Armand Jolly | Farner Family Funeral Homes: Smith and W… (  Mr. Jolly had an incredible experience in the Navy in WWII, seeing combat in Italy, France–and then over to the Pacific for service in Okinawa where his ship suffered 5 Kamikaze hits, then had to be scuttled. Jolly was decorated for rescuing a wounded crew member. Here is an excerpt from his Obit:

“Armand served bravely and honorably in the US Navy, enlisting at age 19 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He served as Gunner’s Mate Third Class on the USS Emmons DD-457, DMS-22, a destroyer/minesweeper during World War II. He was part of five invasions – in Africa, Italy, Normandy, southern France, and Okinawa. On D-Day, the Emmons helped to secure the invasion route for US troops on Omaha Beach. On April 6, 1945, during the battle of Okinawa, the Emmons was struck by five kamikaze planes. Sixty of the Emmons’ crew perished and 77 were wounded. Armand survived the attack, suffering injuries to his hands and face. He received several commendations and awards including a Purple Heart. Despite his bravery, he never talked about his experiences until much later in life.”

The items cover the whole scope of possible bringbacks, including yes, a German Heer helmet. The pictures tell the story, a fine grouping with lots of history. COA accompanies.

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