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Unissued Rare SS Eagles Lot


Breaking up segments of the earlier listing, here are some very scarce pattern SS Sleeve eagles ‘from the shop room’ so to speak. Please note that this pattern appears in Mark Bando’s / Mike Beaver’s volume on SS insignia. The original listing is no longre on offer. Here is the basic info from the original listing: “This SS cloth lot is part of a greater trove of cloth insignia souvenired from a clothing works by PFC Robert B. Heller in 1945, as the war was coming to a close. The veteran’s full information, including amazing maps documenting his division’s battles, are included with this set. As a curator of SS artifacts, it is particularly amazing to find bullion SS runic collar tabs and a partial sheet of the rarest pattern sleeve-eagle known, in mid-stage construction. These are literally an educational and historic lot of items, that the veteran himself scooped from the shop-room tables as his unit moved through and occupied areas of France.” COA and documentation accompany.

Unissued SS eagle lot from veteran estate. 

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