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UNISSUED NSDAP Standard Bearer’s Gorget


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This UNISSUED NSDAP Political Leader’s Gorget by RZM M1/14 is an impressive piece of regalia worn by the Standarte Bearer of the NSDAP Political Leaders Organisation. The front of this gorget has a super look, with only minor wear, and a pleasing patina to the smooth bronze colored surfaces. The large central German Third Reich eagle and swastika emblem and the oak leaf border all retain full original detail. The green wool felt backing is in original condition. Both of the hooks on the reverse of the chain are stamped with the RZM logo of the Reichszeugmeisterei, as well as the maker code M1/14. Highly desirable Gorget that came out of estate from New Jersey roughly 5 years ago, never offered on market til now. COA accompanies.

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