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Ultra-Rare Early SS-TV Officer’s Skull Tab, 23rd Sturm


This is an officer’s bullion version of the earliest pattern of SS-TotenkopfverbÀnde collar insignia, from the early 1930s. The tab shows most of the characteristics of the later versions of bullion tab, including the coated buckram backing, wool-felt construction and aluminum twist edging. The tacking and finishing techniques are also the same or similar to the later versions. The skull is correctly hand-embroidered over a card stock template, which is visible in the pictures. The ghost of the number “23” is visible, where this had been embroidered onto the area below the skull, denoting the 23rd Sturm. As the SS-TV reorganized, the numeric designations of the units assumed less importance and were eventually eliminated. Moreover, when SS-TV collar tabs were salvaged for use in combat on field uniforms, the numerals would be removed. These tabs are very scarce, because they were produced for a very small size force at the beginning, and quickly dismissed in favor of the newer variety of SS-TV collar insignia. A must have for the advanced insignia collector. COA accompanies.

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