Outstanding SS-Totenkopfverband Fuhrer’s Mantel


This is a mint, rare and stunning example of SS-TV cloth; a VA-SS 1939 issued mantel in an M36 pattern, badged for a totenkopf Ostuf. Well marked, with maker and VA issue stamp; beautiful matching RZM-SS cottage industry hand embroidered skull and rank tabs (pips have the proper ss-rzm dimple in the center), period applied and unaltered. The sleeve eagle is an early SS-VT style, much favored by the hard core SS officers of the early war period. It is neatly zig-zag affixed to the sleeve. The right sleeve has the feldgrau version of the ‘ehrenwinkel’ affixed by hand. The boards are period unaltered SS pattern Ostuf of infanterie, with white piping and black underlay. They have the correct 15mm gilt pips. The buttons are “Motz” which I have observed on other SS contract cloth pieces. Sword aperture is present in the lower left. This mantel has been perfectly cared for and has no flaws. This Mantel has literally an SS insignia collection worth of fine examples, such as the classic factory applied early VT style sleeve eagle, matching set of early fine quality bullion collar tabs, and VA marks. This is not something you can find at most shows, much less popping out of collections like this. Therefore, a chance to own a VA-SS issue marked ‘textbook’ SS piece is attractive. Again, Early Cloth Collectors, you just don’t see these untouched like this! Price includes COA.   ON HOLD for JL


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