Textbook, Rare SS-Kriegsberichter Tunic

SKU: Ua130

This later war tunic is outstanding. It is manufactured at Ravensbruck (Betr.Ra.) and is of a medium- large size. The body is of the captured Italian wool stocks, and the lining is mouse grey satin-like rayon. The shoulderboards are SS pattern, piped in canary yellow for Funker (signals– This is correct for the Kriegsberichter). The sleeve eagle, and RZM pattern, is zig-zag sewn to the upper left sleeve. An Ostmedaille is sewn at the second buttonhole. The tabs are matching wool felt, with the rank sturmmann (one litze) on the left, and the rarer cross-hatched machine embroidered runic tab on the right. These are machine applied. Below the sleeve eagle is the hand applied rank chevron of ss-sturmmann. Below that is a hand-applied RZM pattern SS-KB-ABT (SS-Kriegsberichter Abteilung) cuffband, showing every appearance of period application — as are the rest of the insignia. A KB tunic in this configuration, size and condition is very difficult to come by. All in all, a great piece. Full SS contract, another jewel for the specialty SS collection! Sale includes COA

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