Phenomenally Rare SS-VT Model 40 NCO’s Crusher Cap

SKU: Ua127

These rare caps do not grow on trees, and especially as mint and correct a specimen as this one. The cap is a textbook M40 Crusher (as noted by Mr. Dave Delich in his LOA appraisal of this cap), made of fine whipcord wool and lined with the correct orange colored chintz most often encountered in these caps. The lining is simply, correctly size marked 57, with no sweat shield, which is also a proper configuration for this kind of cap. The folds as viewed behind the sweatband are tacked in place, untouched and without any extra stitch holes or other signs of tampering. (The eagle and skull pins are visible and only put through once). The sweatband is leather and has vent holes in the front. The outer body is whipcord feldgrau wool as mentioned, with the correct black NCO quality badgecloth band and white wool piping for trim. There are no moth holes or other damage, just one very minor snag, visible on the 8 o’clock area on the top of the cap. The inisgnia are silver wash feinzinc; the skull an Overhoff & Cie by design appearance. This cap is a rare, elegant beauty, authenticated by the premier name in SS cloth. It will grace the best VT collection out there. Price includes COA

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