Phenomenal SS-Panzer Officer’s Private Purchase Wrap

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This fine tunic is from one of the best known collections globally. It has been fully vetted by Dave D. and has his written certification. The piece is privately made by the firm “M. Natzmer, Strassburg, 1944.” The body of the wrap is a fine quality, lightweight but robust black trikot wool with black silk lining. The sleeves are lined with white silk / black polka-dot pattern material, with false button cuffs. The collar is piped in heavier gauge officer aluminum twist piping, with the tabs having the thinner officer piping at their edges. The tabs feature the later war machine embroidered runes on felt, machine sewn; and an Obersturmfuhrer rank tab with silver wash zinc later war pips and one litze, also machine sewn. The sleeve eagle is an officer quality bullion hand embroidered eagle, tailor hand applied to the sleeve. The lower left sleeve shows faint evidence of a cuffband, and with a flashlight shone from inside, the stitch line is evident. The shoulder boards are classic subdued officer braid, black underlaid and narrow tongued. The piping is pink and there is a correct size zinc pip on each strap denoting SS-Ostuf. They are slip ons, with screw button attachments. The details of this fine wrapper are carefully displayed in the pictures. Collectors don’t often encounter this quality of officer wrapper as they are not widely availble in this condition and significance. Price includes COA

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