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ON HOLD (tj) Elegant and Rare, “SS-N” Fuhrer’s Mantel


This is a seldom encountered and excellent example of a Mantel for an SS-Hstuf, from the SS-Nurnberg Regiment (SS-N had some notable members, including Christian Tychsen, Sepp Thaler, Adolf Ax, and others). The SS-N tab shows unaltered machine application from the period. The rank tab shows removal, possibly to upgrade the rank with the additional litze for SS-Hstuf, then hand-tacked back into place. This was not uncommon. There is an RZM cloth tag under the shoulderboard. The consignor reports the Aguilette came with the mantel; it is the Heer pattern. The mantel shows minor age and the left shoulder seam has separated (this can be likely conserved by a knowledgeable professional). Full lining, unaltered insignia, excellent condition throughout. Most collections do not have this example; a rare, correct and elegant piece of SS history (Officers such as Christian Tychsen were in SS-N as young officers). Sale includes COA

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