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“Triple Erel” Heer Pionier Officer Visor


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 Beautiful quality “Triple Erel,” private purchase, field-gray doeskin type wool construction visor cap, a blue/green badge cloth center band and black wool waffenfarb piping to the crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the center band. The front center of the cap features a national eagle. The front center of the center band has a hand sewn bullion oak-leaf wreath encompassing a high relief, three-piece national tri-color cockade. The national tri-color cockade is the desirable red screened vented centerpiece. The cap has a bright, twisted silver/aluminum chin cord which is secured in place by two, small, silver washed, pebbled, alloy buttons. The interior crown lining has a clear celluloid sweat diamond fully intact. Nice “Erel Sonderklasse ” marking. The sweatband has impressed silver script “Erel Stirnschutz” and initials “EH.” Visor is service worn with minor soiling with pin size moth hole on top. The cap is roughly size 56. Nice, untouched Erel visor. COA accompanies.

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