SOLD (df) The Helmet of Helmets, Original LAH Black Transitional Helmet

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There are perhaps three or four of these in the world, and the consignor of this one has two others. If you look in my book with the late Mike Beaver, or my SS-Steel volumes, you will find ample photographs (provided by Fotosammler, R. Rygaard and others) depicting this exact style of treatment on the helmets worn by the Leibstandarte prior to the approval of the CA Pocher design by RFSS Himmler. This helmet went between the owner and another noted collector a number of times, and is now available for offering here. The shell is an M16 (German) TJ66, outfitted with a single ply, early M31 liner (Braunschweig) that is affixed to the helmet with zinc/brass liner retaining rivets. The chinstrap is the same type installed in RZM helmets and other early ’30s non-civic designs. The finish is at least two layers of thick, black lacquer, and the insignia are hand-rendered early LAH style. These are executed using white enamel, the black helmet finish background, and a translucent red pigment for the state shield. The vast majority of hand painted insignia transitionals were refinished and given proper SS decals at some stage, then the order came to turn all transitionals in to the Sraubing scrap facility for melt-down. Therefore, while all transitionals are considered rare, this LAH is considered almost unheard-of. This is an opportunity to own a piece of premier, core SS history. Price includes my and the seller’s guarantee of absolute authenticity

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