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The Finest Waffen-SS M40 Double

This beautiful, minty condition double decal M40 ET has been curated in two collections only, during the last 40 years. It consists of a size 64 shell with the heat lot number #280, which puts it in the earlier stage of ET’s M40 production run.  The finish is the classic medium texture ET Schiefergrau, with that dark greenish hue to it as found in many of their M40 and M42 products. The runic shield is a factory applied M40 pattern ET runic shield (remember, these are not the same shield as the prewar high quality, thicker border golden ET pattern shield found mainly on M35s); the pattern found on M40 and afterward are this visually slightly smaller, more silvery colored shield, with a flat sheen, not the granular sheen of the M35 ET runes. This is a classic of this type, with slight abrasions from normal handling. The party shield is an expected (mostly the case) CA Pocher produced party shield, slightly tilted in application, but a superb one-look original to the helmet example. The liner is a size 57, untouched original to the helmet. The chinstrap is not marked. The helmet bears a crisp fully visible domestamp. The helmet is published in SS-Steel and the page is shown here. This helmet is a must have for the advanced SS helmet collection, and is fully COA guaranteed as always.

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