Tan Camouflage M40 Combat Helmet

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This tan camouflage M40 helmet is in my opinion right out of the Italian theater of operations, circa 1942-43. The shell is HKP64 and the heat lot number range appears in both Luftwaffe and Heer examples. I believe the skirt paint, the only factory surface visible, is Heer color (we all know that the SE / HKP luft color is normally that very dark charcoal blue-grey). The camo paint on this helmet remains very strong at about 80%. I cannot discern any decal outlines under the camo paint (sometimes they scraped them prior..). The liner and strap show the shrinkage and dryness associated with hot climate combat ops, leading me to conclude Sicily / Italy in most likelihood. North Afrika, later in that campaign, is also possible. COA accompanies this sale.

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